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Jim Borgman has been the Enquirer's editorial cartoonist since 1976. Borgman has won every major award in his field, including the 1991 Pulitzer Prize, the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 1993, and most recently, the Adamson Award in 2005 as International Cartoonist of the Year. His award-winning daily comic strip Zits, co-created with Jerry Scott, chronicles the life of 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan, his family and friends through the glories and challenges of the teenage years. Since debuting in July 1997, Zits has regularly finished #1 in reader comics polls across America and is syndicated in more than 1300 newspapers around the world.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Listen, It's Tempting, But...


at 9/11/07, 2:08 PM Blogger Steve Willhite said...

That about sums it up doesn't it? Beautiful job!

at 9/11/07, 4:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know, for years, ive heard anti-bush people say that if you read bin laden's words, he's not condemning our way of life. he's condemning our policies. while that wasn't entirely true (yes, a majority of time was spent attacking our foreign policy), this last video single handily proves that he hates everything this country stands for, and is simply using the 'foreign policy' issue to get away with it, while at the same time swindling hundreds of thousands of americans to believe that WE are the true enemy, not him. he also took credit, once again, for the 9/11 attacks, which is something the conspiracy theorist/daily kooks/loose change nutjobs have refused to accept.

bin ladens latest video showed that once again, he hates this country for not living under sharia law.

while i rarely agree with you politically, mr. borgman, you hit the nail on the head with this one.

at 9/11/07, 5:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

bin Laden, Hitler, McVeigh...evil that makes one ponder and appreciate the goddness present in most humans.

at 9/11/07, 5:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

er..goodness (although as freudian slips go, not bad )

at 9/11/07, 5:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

how does killing 4,000 of our own justify the first tragedy?

at 9/11/07, 5:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

most of the world is "anti-bush"

at 9/11/07, 7:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

need more time with my mortgage payment too!

at 9/11/07, 8:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 5:53

actually, the 4,000 that you are implying are being killed by bush are actually being killed by terrorists - the same people who killed the 3,000 innocent civilians on that fateful day in September.

the difference you obviously cant comprehend is that we've sent our guys into Iraq and Afghanistan to PREVENT another 3,000 innocent civilians (and who knows how many hundreds of thousands, if not millions down the road) from being innocently massacred for no other reason than the country they chose to live in.

it only took 19 men to kill thousands on 9/11, as well as cause chaos and catastrophe. we've managed to kill or detain thousands of terrorists. i'm sorry if you have more regard for the lives of terrorists than that of innocent civilians, but between me and you, i believe it was worth it.

trust me. your children, and grandchildren will be grateful that the man who is currently our president had the foresight to look more than 4 years down the road. democrats think short term they think "how will this save our asses now?" republicans think long term lets think about it: clinton had many chances to kill bin laden. why did he turn them down? he didn't want to kill innocent civilians would he have gotten bad press for it (God forbid!)? yes, but at least he would know that the worlds worst terrorist would have been dead, saving an unknown number of innocent lives down the road.

fast forward to president bush, a man who understands the threat we face (as opposed to democrats who refuse to face reality). president bush understands that for the past 3 decades, America and its allies have been systematically attacked by islamic extremists. it has done nothing but escalated over the past 15 years. just under clinton, we had the USS Cole bombing, the 18 troops that were killed in somalia, the marine barracks bombing in saudia arabia, the embassies in tanzania and kenya, blown to bits and pieces, and 5 troops killed by a car bomb in saudia arabia - and that was just those against America! i'm sorry you would rather sit on your hands then stand up against a threat because its "difficult", but for the sake of my generation (im 21), and the generations to come, do us a favor - help America win instead of encouraging our enemy.


the youth of America.

at 9/11/07, 8:39 PM Anonymous Joseph Harbin said...

Saddam Hussein. A tie to Al Qaeda. No. WMD? No. Threat to US soil. No. Worth all this? Any of this? No.
That's all fact.
Al qaeda is in Iran because we are. Bush has created more terrorists than anyone, has done more damage and killed more people than any terrorist who hates us. His presidential library should be his unvisited grave.

at 9/11/07, 9:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just six years ago the leaders of the terrorists were in Afghanistan and Pakistan (and possibly still are). If we had sent 130,000 of our troops there originally, there's little doubt we would have captured/killed Bin Laden and his 9/11 co-conspirators by now. Instead, our Bush League president, George W., sends our troops on a scouting expedition, under false pretenses, to a country that, based on government report after government report, was no threat to our country. The terrorists followed us there and that, coupled with the civil war within Iraq itself, has created a quagmire that will significantly affect the future of our great country.

at 9/11/07, 11:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

joseph, had i not taken a percocet 1 hour ago, i would respond with facts, something im sure you're not fond of.

check back this time tomorrow night for my real response, along with proof that everything you just said is false.

to the guy above me, unfortunately, i dont respond to rhetoric. if i wanted rhetoric, i would spend my days on the dailykooks. try again.

at 9/11/07, 11:37 PM Anonymous wjcnnyc said...


Look up above!!

Rush Limbaugh is reading your blog!!

at 9/11/07, 11:38 PM Blogger CJB said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

at 9/11/07, 11:45 PM Blogger CJB said...

Excellent, as always.

at 9/12/07, 12:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont liberals usually coddle drug abusers?

aren't democrats the party that encourages drug abuse so that those who abuse drugs have no choice but to depend on the government even more, thus keeping them voting democrat for life?

i love liberal hypocrisy!

at 9/12/07, 7:28 AM Blogger Wettengel said...

Don't forget even if from this moment on if things good peachy in Iraq all of the cost (in lives and money) was so we could see a PRO-IRAN government! Wait isn't Iran part of the axis of EVIL? Is it a good thing to strengthen one of the countries in the axis of Evil?

As one of the great leaders of 1994 said "It would be a quagmire there" - Dick Cheney

at 9/12/07, 8:35 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

well if thats what the youth of america believe, i don't think we need any furthur proof that no child left behind, like all of bushes policies is a complete failure.

at 9/12/07, 9:38 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

clearly, you went to public school.

and clearly, "NCLB" was implemented after you graduated since obviously you're horrible at math.

you see, NCLB was implemented in 2002. now students, lets do some basic math. if i am 21, and NCLB was implemented in 02, that would mean that I was a sophmore when it became effective.

unfortunately, i did not have a chance to be educated in a public education system that was mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act.

if you truly believe i am a result of a flawed education system, then you and George W. Bush are on the same page.


don't forget the liberal motto! 'do as i say, not as i do!"

try again?

at 9/12/07, 9:42 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

so wettengel, i assume you support war with iran now?

i mean, if you're so concerned about bush's "axis of evil", one can only assume that you now support going to war with iran, no?

so going into iraq (part of the axis of evil) was wrong, but invading iran (another axis of evil) is acceptable?

you liberals just cant make up your minds, can you?

this is what happens when you let liberals run the public education system for 6 decades!

at 9/12/07, 12:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

well jethro, you might be 21 but with statements like:

trust me. your children, and grandchildren will be grateful that the man who is currently our president had the foresight to look more than 4 years down the road.

fast forward to president bush, a man who understands the threat we face

it was an easy mistake to make.

at 9/12/07, 12:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the cartoon, particularly the toilet paper on a branch, but what really gets to me is bin Laden's hypocrisy. Here's a man who is happy to come to the US as a young man, learn all that our higher education system has to offer, then goes back home to throw rocks (and bombs) at the very society that gave him the education he has.

That takes hypocrisy to levels even Bush can't aspire to.

at 9/12/07, 1:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know, sometimes i get the speeches of bin laden, and the likes of hillary clinton, howard dean, and joe biden confused. democrats EASILY compete with bin laden over the hypocritical/hate-america-the-most card, no doubt.

sometimes, i wonder if bin laden and his crew take their talking points from leading democrats.

at 9/13/07, 10:22 AM Anonymous Reality Check said...

Well,the wingnuts are out again, along with some "Oh, the Hypocrisy!" clone . . .

On another note, Bin Laden also calls for abolishing taxes, a classic neo-con talking point/policy . . .

Iran's being part of the "Axis of Evil" means we must go to war with them?! Sorry, we had a real enemy in the Soviet Union for over four decades, and we never had an actual war with them. Seriously guys, grow up . . .

at 9/14/07, 1:42 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reality Check, you have as much credibility as Alexis Debat

at 9/14/07, 3:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those arguing political agendas are all pretty petty.

The fact is that this guy coordinated the 9-11 attacks and he is getting away with it. That's what everyone should focus their angst on, instead of beating up on other Americans.

I have a feeling with so many stubborn assholes arguing back and forth in positions of power in this country, We're all doomed.
Great cartoon Jim.

at 9/14/07, 9:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

3:31 says it all - send the 30,000 surge troops (& 8 biilion/mo) after Bin Laden. Hanging him under the Statue of Liberty would be a real statement - and it wouldn't make them any crazier (they're already max'd out on that count).

at 9/16/07, 12:50 PM Anonymous Reality Check said...

Thank you 1:42 for proving that wingnuts are only capable of name-calling; please, if you can back you little libel, feel free to do so . . .

at 9/17/07, 5:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a discredit to academics, reality check. Just re-read your Spanish-American war history before you attempt to discredit or label me.

John Gates

at 9/19/07, 11:11 AM Anonymous Reality Check said...

You must mean that post (which I'd been meaning to reply to, I guess this is it) where you failed to mention the 600,000 Filipino civilian deaths (your 200,000 being the conservative estimate; "conservative" on at least two levels, apparently) being due to the cholera epidemic were largely due to the concentration camps set up by American forces; not quite the level of the ones the British set up in the Boer War, but hard to ignore. Whether it was people dying in the inherently insanitary camps; or since many of those locked up were farmers, people just plain ol' starving, or looking for less sanitary food alternatives (like sewage-polluted fish), disease and war have a tendency to go together.

Nice of you to admit the American intervention further exacerbated the local infighting (hmmm, sounds familiar); hope you also admit to the naval refueling stations that just happened to be set up there in concurrence . . .

at 9/19/07, 5:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

History is left up to interpretation. Reality check offers much opinion disguised as fact and cloaked in rhetoric.
Nice backpedal on the Filipino situation.
Remember that most history is written by the winners

at 9/21/07, 4:10 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suicide bombers and the kidnapping and slaughter of innocent civilians "in the name of the cause" is a hallmark of despots masquerading as "revolutionaries". Not to mention using poison gas on ethnic minorities....

Why does the left cede moral high ground to these "insurgents" ?

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