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Jim Borgman has been the Enquirer's editorial cartoonist since 1976. Borgman has won every major award in his field, including the 1991 Pulitzer Prize, the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 1993, and most recently, the Adamson Award in 2005 as International Cartoonist of the Year. His award-winning daily comic strip Zits, co-created with Jerry Scott, chronicles the life of 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan, his family and friends through the glories and challenges of the teenage years. Since debuting in July 1997, Zits has regularly finished #1 in reader comics polls across America and is syndicated in more than 1300 newspapers around the world.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

McCain and Cunningham


at 2/26/08, 6:52 PM Blogger David said...


at 2/26/08, 7:02 PM Blogger Wettengel said...

and quick!

at 2/26/08, 7:15 PM Anonymous anonymousincincinnati said...

So Cunningham gets skewered for saying Obama's middle name and saying Kumbayah exactly like Hillary did a few days ago? McCain lost votes today by dumping on Cunningham.He's a miserable weak candidate.We deserve Barack Hussein Obama in the White House with the whacked hysteria we get from media (like Borgman) for turning Cunningham's intro into a national incident/outrage.Get real.

at 2/26/08, 7:27 PM Anonymous really really really proud said...

cunningham has been an embarassment for as long as i can remember. he is a small minded bigoted ignoramus. given how corrupt mccain is, they deserve each other.

at 2/26/08, 8:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

and speaking of torture...not that this tidbit will mean a tinker's dam*to those who've wanted Bush impeached about the issue...a grand total of 3 detainees were waterboarded,Khalid Shek Muhammed,9-11 mastermind,being one.3 detainees.3.
Close GITMO.Put it in Durbin's backyard.

at 2/26/08, 11:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


"the whacked hysteria we get from media"

Any media that mentions the Cunningham deal is REPORTING on whacked hysteria. The whacked hysterical world of talk radio and the tens of dozens of people who still think it is relevent.

It is not.

If it were relevent, McCain wouldn't even be the nominee. The nations REPUBLICANS would have listened to all of those guys on the AM dial and FOX news...who just happen to all think alike.

Great cartoon!!!!

at 2/27/08, 12:35 AM Anonymous Borgfan said...

I love that big black SPLOTCH in the middle of the cartoon.

at 2/27/08, 12:40 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I think it would be funny if all the fans of Willie would become Green Party votes and McCain comes in third. I know it would not happen. Also isn't it funny how something that happens in Cincinnnati would be looked over and over and we are still considered the armpit of the United States. ( I took that from the ESPN thing) This city kills me. How could Jim not do something on this? Sharks Jim you have to admit this did more for Willie career he is now with us for at least the next 10 years even the people who hate Bill have to admit that. I hope for a Repulican Congress and Democrate President. Maybe the will fight with each other and leave us alone. Jim funny. Take one crook out put one in. If you don't a agree with that you are living in a fantasy land.

at 2/27/08, 12:52 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cunningham must be auditioning for the upcoming sale/breakup of broadcasting conglomerates. He is like Springer, rich, (in)famous, irrelelevant.

Obama 08 Be the Change

at 2/27/08, 7:06 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...




at 2/27/08, 7:18 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill Cunningham has been consistent in his use of middle names.

William Jefferson Clinton.
Peter Edward Rose
George Walker Bush

He has refered to the above as well as many by using their COMPLETE name.

Would one person....
just one..
just one.....

step forward and state why they object to using the complete name of a candidate for the U.S. Presidency.

....just one.

at 2/27/08, 8:17 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hussein...the "N word" when speaking about Obama...McCain's "repudiation" of remarks by Cunningham have in essence become his eventual muzzle.
McCain must never mention anything remotely critical of his democratic presidential rival...he must speak of Obama in only glowing terms if Cunningham's remarks are too over the top for McCain to handle.
Cunningham/McCain...a local story made national by an unqualified uninspiring old republican who's too weak to stand up to big media-his so called "pals". You lost my vote yesterday,John.

at 2/27/08, 8:43 AM Blogger Jim Borgman said...

I was on vacation when Nikki Giovanni did her rap poem for the rededication of Fountain Square in which she knocked Ken Blackwell. I came home to a firestorm of criticism of her but never quite found a way to catch up to the story, which had gotten stale by then. For a long time I kept a starter rough on my desk of her delivering a new poem for some other occasion, but the right opportunity never presented itself. Wish it would have. I had a killer caricature.

at 2/27/08, 9:06 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know this Cunningham guy from Adam but I know he was the guy brought in to work the crowd..which he did..and disparage the opposition..which he did.
So where's the news here?
If McCains going to seperate himself from this plank of the Republican platform this early, this vociferously, his base will erode faster than a snowball in Hell, Michigan.
His reaction to the incident should confound his GOP supporters because when it comes to rallies along these lines coming up, in the words of B.T.O., "baby, you ain't seen nothin' yet."

at 2/27/08, 10:30 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

at 7:18 AM Anonymous said...

Would one person....
just one..
just one.....

step forward and state why they object to using the complete name of a candidate for the U.S. Presidency.

....just one.

The fact is he was laying on the middle name to point out that it was middle eastern. That's it. That is why he did it.

I think I had more respect for racists when they at least admited their racism. Now they pretend they aren't doing anything.

McCain, the Republican party, and everyone else with any common sense knew what he was doing.

If you think his middle name SHOULD be leaned on to point out it sounds arab, just say so. Don't be a coward.

at 2/27/08, 10:33 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing that bothered me about the event wasn't so much Willie, but the elected officials who think he's a riot.

THEY are the ones who make us look like a bunch of koolaid drinking rubes.

And since we're the ones who put them in office, I guess we deserve it.

at 2/27/08, 11:02 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim, I appreciate your editorial cartoons. Whether I agree with them or not all the time, I feel that this world needs a lot more humor, especially looking at the previous comments posted. Keep up the jokes.

at 2/27/08, 11:33 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

at 8:43 AM Jim Borgman said...
I was on vacation when Nikki Giovanni did her rap poem for the rededication of Fountain Square in which she knocked Ken Blackwell. I came home to a firestorm of criticism of her but never quite found a way to catch up to the story, which had gotten stale by then. For a long time I kept a starter rough on my desk of her delivering a new poem for some other occasion, but the right opportunity never presented itself. Wish it would have. I had a killer caricature.

Please share it with us, Jim.

Here is the original poem presented by Ms. Givovanni:

Giovanni said
Following are excerpts from the poem that Nikki Giovanni read at the Fountain Square festivities:

I am Cincinnati

I ran from the whips and the dogs

Across the frozen pond

I made my home in the West End

When the Civil War came I dug the trenches

Showing the South

Free men live here

Who are unwilling to yield

I kept the city safe

I am the Seven Hills

I am the neighborhoods

Community centers

Shopping malls



I am the Bengals

The Reds

The incomparable Underground Railroad Museum

I am history

I am Findlay Street market

I am the best 3-way chili in the world

I am Montgomery ribs

I am the University of Cincinnati

I am Xavier

I am Sister Jean Patrice Harrington bringing Mount St. Joseph into the 21st century

I am Eden Park and the Conservatory of Music

I am Symphony Hall and the oldest opera company and one of the world's greatest teaching zoos

I am Spring Grove Cemetery

My dead rest in beauty and peace

I am Marian Spencer

I have watched segregation reign and have built a bridge between that island and the city

I have watched policemen

Shoot young black men in the back

And have watched my community respond, a people who once saved this city

. . .

I am the Cincinnati Western and Southern Tennis Championships, though I am played in Mason

. . .

I am not a son of a bitch like Kenny Blackwell


I will not use the color of my skin to cover the hatred in my heart

I am not a political whore jumping from bed to bed to see who will stroke my knee

I am Mark Mallory

Talking to everyone

Walking with everyone

Listening to everyone

Leading by consensus, not fear

I am Cincinnati

I slaughter hogs and make soap

I am the biggest Oktoberfest outside Munich, Germany

Though I have been boycotted

I am not shirking my responsibilities to the next generation

I am finding a way to be great again

I am the lady in the fountain

Let my waters cleanse and refresh you

Let my waters heal

Together we can still save this city

Source: Transcribed by The Enquirer using an audio recording and excerpts provided by 3CDC. The ellipses represent unintelligible segments.

at 2/27/08, 11:37 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Willie was brought in to work the crowd, which he did"?
What kind of crowd cheered for this "stuff"?
The answer to that question is depressing!

at 2/27/08, 12:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

He hasn't done the necessary SPADE WORK;Hillary Clinton speaking of Obama's lack of experience

You can't shuck and jive your way through a press conference;Attny Gen of Ny Andrew Cuomo,D, on Obama's so-called promises.

...amazing how top of mind those racially divisive expressions roll easily off the tongues of high profile dems,isn't it? the hypocrisy is laughable.

at 2/27/08, 3:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Anon. @...amazing how top of mind those racially divisive expressions roll easily off the tongues of high profile dems,isn't it? the hypocrisy is laughable.

12:05 PM --------------------

How correct you are!!!

Here is an example:

Suppose a conservative Republican stood on Fountain Square INSTEAD of poet Nikki Giovinni and said the following:

I am Cincinnati

I am crack cocaine

I am a gun

I am a warrant for my arrest

I am chased by police

I am part of the 91% illegimatecy rate.

I finished the 8th grade

I throw rocks at school buses full of suburban schools near the zoo.

I am a failing school system

I am afraid to be on the streets downtown.

I look accross the river to Newport to see progress.

I am a drug dealer

I have no respect for the police

I am on parole

I wear an ankle braclet


DOUBLE STANDARD: Nikki Giovinni can say anything she wants with no consequences.

Bill Cunningham speaks the truth and is blasted by the local and national media.

Leftists on campuses accross the country continue to shout down conservative guest speakers, but THEY want free speech for their ideas.

Sen Robert Byrd gets away with hate speech, but a Republican Trent Lott was forced to apologize and resign.

Don Imus was fired, Jesse Jackson uses anti-Jewish hate speech, no problem.


Under no curcumstances should you apologize.


You owe Bill Cunningham an apology.

at 2/27/08, 5:40 PM Blogger Mary said...

Bill Cunningham is an embarrassment to the city of Cincinnati.

at 2/27/08, 5:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

who isn't?

at 2/27/08, 5:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

a positive influence at the white house (for a CHANGE)

Photo gallery
Champs visit the White House
(Reuters/ Kevin Lamarque)Red Sox slugger David Ortiz reeled back in laughter after a remark by President George Bush at the White House during a ceremony this afternoon to honor the World Series champions. After the ceremony, the Sox were headed to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to visit wounded veterans.
Story Sox meet Bush
NECN Sox honored
(thanks, red sox!!)

boston globe

at 2/27/08, 7:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cunningham is Cunningham, but I'm still voting for McCain.

at 2/27/08, 7:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The National Media chose to cover Cunnungham's stand-up act vs. John McCain's substance.

I like your leadership & courage.

I like your service history & your no nonsense behavior.

I like your attitude on VA health matters.

I like your attitude on reducing government.

I like your attitude on keeping taxes low.

I like your view on a fair, flat tax.

I like your attitude on capturing Osama along with evil people that strap explosives on handicapped women to later detonate in a market full of innocnet people.

at 2/27/08, 9:27 PM Blogger EOCostello said...

I'll put this question in another panel sometime, but a technical question, Mr. Borgman.

At what point do you consider it safe to "drop" the ID button on a public figure? How do you make the call that readers will recognize the figure?

I notice that you have a button on McCain, even though he's been very well known since the 2000 campaign, and arguably earlier.

at 2/29/08, 7:06 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

honestly who the hell cares if john lost your support?..the only people that like cunningham are stuck up racist douche bags like cunningham himself

sooner or later you morons are gonna realize you are the minority of the republican party...and when your voted into the minority you should sit down and shut the hell up

if anyone was really interested in hearing what you people had to say you wouldnt be the minority

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