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Take a peek over Jim Borgman's shoulder

Jim Borgman has been the Enquirer's editorial cartoonist since 1976. Borgman has won every major award in his field, including the 1991 Pulitzer Prize, the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 1993, and most recently, the Adamson Award in 2005 as International Cartoonist of the Year. His award-winning daily comic strip Zits, co-created with Jerry Scott, chronicles the life of 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan, his family and friends through the glories and challenges of the teenage years. Since debuting in July 1997, Zits has regularly finished #1 in reader comics polls across America and is syndicated in more than 1300 newspapers around the world.

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Friday, March 07, 2008



at 3/7/08, 5:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

someone spotted Elvis!

at 3/7/08, 5:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

(not in Ohio)

at 3/7/08, 5:23 PM Anonymous david wells says i'm supposed to put my name here said...

you can do much better jim. you don't do enough to capture how tired so many people are of the current administration and their criminal policies and what a fresh voice obama is.

besides if you listen to willie you would know obama would never stand before a flag.

at 3/7/08, 7:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How apt.

I heard a talk show host in PA telling people in Ohio to vote for Hillary. They did.

You should do a cartoon about the Clinton lies about NAFTAgate.

at 3/7/08, 7:37 PM Blogger EOCostello said...

This is a good time, I think, to ask a neutral, technical question of Herr Doktor Borgman:

At what point do you consider it "safe" to stop putting a label (i.e. button or other indicia) identifying a figure? For example, you no longer need to ID Sen. Obama.

at 3/7/08, 9:24 PM Anonymous Roger M. said...

Hi Jim, good cartoon--great drawing. I couldn't help noticing, however, that the flag is hanging backward (union goes on the left.) Maybe a distress signal?

at 3/8/08, 7:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

He did label Obama on the signs below.
But a decent Obama caricature doesn't need a label at all.

I want more people drawn at the bottom of the cartoon. Seems very bare with a person here and there.

at 3/8/08, 7:40 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

still can't come up with your own ideas? have to steal from the blog? OLD age....OLD cincy..."new" president????????????????????????

at 3/8/08, 7:40 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

McBama: war, abortion, gay marriage; let's add to the list of destruction

at 3/8/08, 9:36 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Obama stood before a flag at the UC rally. There is proof of that at the UC sudent-run newspaper; check it out for yourself. Go Bobcats! ooops....thanks Obama

at 3/8/08, 12:08 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

if Obama wins in November,you should draw a cartoon of the Middle East heads of state and terror cells laughing at the boy racism intended...ask Barack to spell potato...that's a qualifier for The WH you know.

at 3/8/08, 1:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! PA is more powerful than OH!!

at 3/8/08, 1:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

the question really is,
1. can the delegates be bought (with Oprah financing)
2. how did bush get his votes

six of one, half a dozen of the other

at 3/8/08, 1:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

chicken or egg; which is worse, the cartoonist or newspaper?

at 3/8/08, 2:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's bush's new standard for rhetoric?

at 3/8/08, 2:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


mothers against swooners

at 3/8/08, 7:43 PM Blogger who2 said...

Great, thanks. Jim, did you do a 'toon with several middle-easterns in robes asking to speak to Obama? I couldn't find it. I like it. Thanks for that, too.


at 3/8/08, 8:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

how come america never does what the people want? only what the media wants, including the war??

at 3/8/08, 8:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

appeals to the lowest common denomenator

at 3/8/08, 8:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

another puppet

at 3/8/08, 8:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

what does he stand for again?

at 3/8/08, 8:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:24 pm

he got the wright flyer wrong a couple years ago too; he's not very technically correct, which is why he like mcbama

at 3/8/08, 9:28 PM Anonymous anonymouscoward said...

no way Obama gets the
ya know,another Clinton presidency is just what this country deserves.Hillary will make Bill's reign of incompetency and dereliction look like brilliance when she starts driving the car...thank God for seat belts and air bags...we're about to go over the freakin cliff.

at 3/9/08, 1:31 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on Jim, seriously. I'm really tired of what is becoming pro-Obama propaganda day after day. I may even support him, but seriously, try to detach yourself. Not only is is bias, but this cartoon is pretty dull... just something you did to hype your guy.

at 3/9/08, 8:13 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...


another cincy tornado

at 3/9/08, 8:14 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

typical american: takes no responsibility; how in the hell can there be change???

at 3/9/08, 2:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The flag is hanging backwards. The union (field of stars) always goes on the upper left whether hung up & down or left & right.

Perhaps this is the new liberal flag like the one on the TV show Jericho.

Major, US Army retired

at 3/9/08, 4:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh. Very good catch, Major.

Not that liberals like Mr. Borgman would know any better.

Maybe next time, Mr. Borgman can just draw a white flag behind Obama? Or maybe a Crescent Moon flag?

at 3/9/08, 4:46 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

State looks like prime territory for Clinton
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton may have an early edge in the Democratic primary contest here, but her rival Sen. Barack Obama has time to catch up.
Volunteers find first day in field isn't easy

Local broadcasters expecting deluge of campaign ads

Centrist evangelicals lift their political voice

Obama wins Wyoming caucuses

at 3/9/08, 8:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Campaign '08
Clintons push a Hillary/Obama ticket
In hailing Obama as a possible vice president, the Clintons are reaching out to him and to his backers, whose support she would need to defeat McCain in the November election. (Reuters, 8:21 p.m.)
More Campaign '08 news

at 3/9/08, 8:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

UC takes worst loss in 95 years

The Bearcats produced a loss of historically embarrassing proportions against No. 13 UConn on Sunday.

at 3/10/08, 6:24 AM Blogger chris said...

Can you turn off anonymous posting. That would clear up a lot of noise on your blog...

Attention poster: When readers want to read the news they can go to the site and read it, maybe you can post links to articles you wish to alert others to vs spamming someone else's blog.

And on another note, the comic is not "liberal" or "pro Obama", it points fun at everyone (including the media's) weak knees whenever Obama speaks. A point that McCain and Clinton both do not appreciate.

I think your work is brilliant even if I do not agree with your point of view.

at 3/10/08, 10:37 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

the democrats are going to lose to the republicans, mostly because of cincinnati

at 3/10/08, 12:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

this country isn't free

at 3/10/08, 12:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

how much is Oprah paying the Enquirer to keep all of Hillary's successes in Ohio and PA off the paper and blogs??

at 3/10/08, 12:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monday March 10, 2008 Updated: 1:34 p.m.Search post-gazette

ColumnistsRob RogersEditorial FAQLatest Local News

Clinton, Obama court Ravenstahl's support

Clinton, Obama court Ravenstahl's support
Monday, March 10, 2008
By Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
On Friday, former President Bill Clinton called. This morning, it was Sen. Barack Obama. Seems that with Pennsylvania the next big prize in the presidential nomination battle, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is a hot political commodity.

at 3/10/08, 1:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

they should take away your pulitzer prize for lying cheating and stealing like specter and the bengals want the Pats rings

at 3/10/08, 1:38 PM Blogger Philip Shade said...

Could'a been worse: here's GW Bush standing on the flag and here defacing one.

Can someone please tell me why conservatives hate America so much?

at 3/10/08, 5:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

can someone please figure out why specter is going after the pats instead of the airlines and engine makers? especially for cost reduction?

at 3/10/08, 5:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll vote for the candidate that can keep Ohio's kids from being murdered.

at 3/10/08, 6:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

have another pitcher of kool-aid, philip shade.

at 3/10/08, 8:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

US retail gasoline, diesel prices hit records
The U.S. retail price for gasoline hit a new high of $3.23 a gallon, after rising 6.3 cents over the last week, federal officials said today. (Reuters)
Gas highest in Mass. since '05; Woburn station cheapest
Cheney to discuss peace and oil on Middle East trip

at 3/10/08, 8:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

this paper sucks: you support all the shady stuff going on in cincy

at 3/10/08, 8:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

and you can't live in cincy if you're poor

at 3/10/08, 8:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing has changed in politics in 100 years; NOTHING is new!! (if only the candidates didn't hate each other!)

at 3/11/08, 2:41 PM Blogger Philip Shade said...

Y'know 6:53;
When I grew up - in the Reagan era - spying on citizens, encuraging citizens to spy on each other, torture and imprisoning citizens without charge were all hallmarks of the USSR and East Germany.

These countries and habits were the enemy of freedom and the US way of life. How funny is it now that the party of Reagan supports all these things?

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