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Jim Borgman has been the Enquirer's editorial cartoonist since 1976. Borgman has won every major award in his field, including the 1991 Pulitzer Prize, the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 1993, and most recently, the Adamson Award in 2005 as International Cartoonist of the Year. His award-winning daily comic strip Zits, co-created with Jerry Scott, chronicles the life of 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan, his family and friends through the glories and challenges of the teenage years. Since debuting in July 1997, Zits has regularly finished #1 in reader comics polls across America and is syndicated in more than 1300 newspapers around the world.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

And the Winner is....


at 1/24/07, 10:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

why is gore so much taller than W? i mean i realize dubya is no giant, but he's not a midget. al gore's probably got a couple inches on W, but he doesn't tower over him like you show him. this just seems like a blatant attempt to quite literally belittle the president. let the cartoon speak for itself without making george 2'6

at 1/24/07, 11:52 PM Anonymous H. Beige said...

As far as moral stature goes, you'd need a *&%$#@ magnifying glass to detect this president.

at 1/25/07, 12:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure that the list of campaign donors Bush had to thank for his "environmental Razzie" was much, much larger than Al Gore's.

at 1/25/07, 2:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not just a footdragger, either; the Bush administration has essentially gone out of their way to intentionally damage the environment and scientific pursuits in general for the benefit of influential industrialists.

at 1/25/07, 5:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why has Global warming become such a political thing , only your far most right wing nut cases still deny that it exists. Someday these wackos grandchildren , are going to call them out , and make them account , for their lack of action .

at 1/26/07, 6:18 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would the hippie who created the concept of global warming please do the following:
1. Take a bath.
2. Go to detox.
3. Get treatment for your STDs.
4. Rid yourself of lice, magots,
ticks, crabs, etc.

at 1/26/07, 6:29 AM Anonymous Edward said...

Interesting that Al Gore refuses to debate his environmental issues with sceintists who disagree with his position.

at 1/26/07, 6:33 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does Borgman always portray President Bush as a very small man with big ears?
I was suprised that President Bush did not call for ANWAR drilling and offshore drilling in his State of The Union sppech.
Say what you want about the inept former President Carter - he spoke in favorable terms about nuclear power and the neutron bomb.

at 1/26/07, 6:47 AM Anonymous Carl said...

It's not about the envrionment.

It's about government control over your assets, behavior and freedom.

at 1/26/07, 7:02 AM Anonymous Rita H. said...

To the right of Borgman's editorial cartoon is a good common sense editorial by Charles Krauthammer.
In this excellent editorial Krauthammer calls for IMMEDIATE drilling to recover oil under U.S. control, namely in the Artic and on the outer continential shelf.
I hope I live to see the day when we have two or three large nuclear plants right smack on the Ohio river just west of the downtown area.

at 1/26/07, 1:16 PM Anonymous solorunner said...

Wait a minute! This is the same group has been crying about the oncoming ice age, which is it? Borgman your not a real bright man.

at 1/26/07, 1:26 PM Anonymous jeff c said...

Anonymous said...
Why has Global warming become such a political thing , only your far most right wing nut cases still deny that it exists. Someday these wackos grandchildren , are going to call them out , and make them account , for their lack of action .

Only FAR left basket cases really buy the hype of global warming.
Those same grandchildren will ask why you wasted so much time crying about global warming and controlling what cars other people drove and did nothing about the 30 million of thier peers you allowed to be aborted.
the left: hypocritical morons.

at 1/26/07, 2:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, the wingnuts have really come out of the woodwork here! If anyone had any doubts there were still loons denying global climate change.

Yes, there are people who hate government control so much, they'd rather see a global apocalypse! Let's see how much your "assets, behavior and freedom" mean when your home is under 4 feet of ocean, or ravaged by tornadoes, hurricanes, or other violent storms.

The ice age thing?! Wow, talk about digging up ancient history! Look up "global dimming" to see there was some truth to that anyway!

There are also 30 million women thankful they had access to safe, legal services (unlike women in Kenya, Brazil, etc.), since someone just had to bring that one up.

at 1/26/07, 3:16 PM Anonymous jeff c said...

You mean like the hurricanes, tornadoes floods you guys predicted would happen this year? Unlike the left I dont think anyone in government is qualified to tell me how to handle my assets, my behavior or my life. They can barely deliver the mail. I sure dont want them controlling any more of my life then they already do. Ancient history? 30 years ago hardly makes it ancient. The left was dead wrong 30 years ago, of course they hope the rest of humanity forgets the wailing over the new ice age and its number cause: America and its evil citizens. But THIS time your right. A few years ago all the left and the enviro -weenies could cry about was the Ozone. Dont hear to much about it now do you? is that because its a naturally occuring event that has been getting bigger and smaller for millions of years? yes.
Interesting how youll stand up for a womans right to choose but no regard for the number of infant women who were not afforded that same right when you decided it was okay for them to be torn apart before taking thier first breath.

Again, the left: hypocritical morons.

at 1/26/07, 3:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

From one wingnut to are simply wrong.

I'll give you this on global warming. We need to monitor all weather patterns for the next 1000 years. So, in the year 3006 we can come to a conclusion.

If you are right about global warming, my hat will be off to you.

Until then....enjoy life.

at 1/26/07, 4:09 PM Anonymous Chuckie G. said...

Wow. I think someone struck a nerve.

I have got a good idea... why don't we erect a fence between the US and global warming? That'll keep that crap out of our country!

at 1/26/07, 5:02 PM Anonymous jeffc said...

Anon, you were wrong about the flat earth and the sun revolving around the earth. you were wrong about the O zone hole and wrong about kyoto. you were wrong about missing links and you can barely prove evolution. you were wrong about the oncoming ice age and you are wrong about global warming. Dangerously wrong because the intent is to control how we live our lives and spend our money and raise our children, the ones you dont abort. In 1000 years the earth will change as it always does and some how it will manage to absorb volcanoes erupting ,earthquakes and my SUV. My hats not off to you. I want to see you and your ilk humiliated and discredited as time always does for us. Your a left wing hypocritical moron, turn your life over to the government the rest of us will inevitably show up to save your asses down the road anyway.

at 1/26/07, 7:38 PM Anonymous J. Harbin said...

Man, whatta bunch of uncool people.
State your comments like adults and
they'll stand a chance to be repected even if they're disagreed with.

at 1/26/07, 9:03 PM Blogger Loki said...

I will not get involved in the discussion above. I simlply wanted to say that my wife and I are planning on moving up to Cinci in the next year and I am hapy to have found a cartoonist I like already.

We are coming up from New Orleans where we have been trying to put our lives together again after the failure of the federally built levees, which were admittedly built to substandard specs. As you may iagine our view of govt in general and Bush in particular are quite low...

Thanks for the laughs!

at 1/27/07, 8:23 AM Anonymous Rita said...

To Chuckie G:
We do not need to construct a fence to keep out global warming.

That would be the same as building a fence to keep out the dinasours.

at 1/27/07, 8:32 AM Anonymous Tom W said...

Message for Loki:

Welcome to Cincinnati. I suggest that if you have children do NOT move in the City of Cincinnati due to poor schools. Example: Enrollment was 125,000 in 1968 and now is 33,000.
Northern Kentucky has excellent school districts that include Beechwood and Highlands. Both are within 10 minutes of Cincinnati and free from the crime that plagues Cincinnati. The next time there is a riot and curfew - you can get around your Northern Kentucky area and not worry about being shot.

at 1/27/07, 10:27 AM Anonymous Zoe said...

Regarding riots and curfews, I was in the Mt.Adams section of Cincinnati on the night of the curfew that was imposed over the entire city. It was not enforced in Mt. Adams, life went on as usual, bars and restaurants remained oepn.
Why? Because Mt. Adams was not part of the problem.

at 1/27/07, 7:59 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stand by my statement that only the far right most wackos deny Global warming , and here they come crawling out of the woodwork .Somehow Global warming and abortion are connected , but please don't throw blood on me , or burn a cross in my yard .

at 1/27/07, 9:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

George Bush is a small man , with very large ears .

at 1/28/07, 12:24 AM Blogger who said...

Well, I think they started out about the same size but the weight of the "...foot dragging award..." has shrunk the carrier.

What a kick these responses are, I'm


at 1/28/07, 8:42 AM Anonymous Patrick said...

I'm getting a kick out of the responses as well.

The ones that support global warming are coming from kooks.

The ones such as building a fence to keep out global warming is the same is building a fence to keep out dinasours is clever and correct.

Then there is the one to wait until 3006 (1000 years) and evaulate things makes good sense.

at 1/28/07, 10:42 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of the Christian right wing think that you don't have to take care of the environment because Jesus is coming soon anyway . So they would rather laugh at Global warming than admit their irresponsible behavior .

at 1/28/07, 1:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good article in today's Enquirer about Bush admitting Global Warming as fact , and said he was starting to lean towards the group who doesn't think the world is flat .

at 1/28/07, 1:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

You think Jeffc is a little to the right ? He thinks the Klan is a bunch of commie liberals .

at 1/28/07, 3:36 PM Anonymous jeffc said...

no i dont. liberals are all tolerant and open minded until they have their BS jammed back down thier throats. I have no tolerance for another person or persons looking for ways to control my life. Global warming is a load of crap the same way the flat earth society insisted their ideas were right,same as the sun revolving around the earth and the moon being made of cheese. Liberals are the most ignorant gullible people on earth and buy whatever they are told to buy. Global Warming is a crock.

at 1/28/07, 3:46 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

JEFFC is scary .

at 1/28/07, 3:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

JEFF C , what are you doing on this blog ? There are plenty of Nazi blogs for you to post on .

at 1/28/07, 4:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

He can't answer right now , he's in his bomb shelter , with his AK-47 , thinking the Govt is coming to get him .

at 1/28/07, 5:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Global Warming , then why is there flowers sprouting in January , trees budding in December , look around , nature is telling you something is wrong .But you are to worried about some left wing conspiracy , to open your eyes .

at 1/28/07, 7:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would rather go bird hunting with Dick Cheney , than admit there is Global Warming .

at 1/29/07, 4:28 PM Anonymous J. Carey said...

Er, meanwhile...speaking of cartoons and art... R. Crumb's "Heroes of Blues, Jazz and County" is a heck of a nice book.

at 2/1/07, 3:52 AM Anonymous T. Nowicki said...

this just seems like a blatant attempt to quite literally belittle the president. let the cartoon speak for itself without making george 2'6

Why does Borgman always portray President Bush as a very small man with big ears?

Um, yeah. An effective caricature exaggerates a person's physical features in a manner befitting of his personality. In terms of character, Bush is a very small man, hence many cartoonists drawing him that way..

This cartoon is well-drawn, but it's not all that clever.

at 2/2/07, 3:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your character/cartoon body style theory is to be believed, if President Bush is drawn as super short, then Clinton (take your pick) would have to be/have been drawn as a ghost because there is no moral character at all....

It's funny how a person who HAS moral convictions, firmly believes in them and stands by them in the face of political outcry scares the crap out of you liberals...

at 2/3/07, 12:27 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back to Global Climate Change (the scientific term), here's a nice Q&A:

Doesn't climate change occur naturally?

The climate has always changed -- sometimes abruptly, but never before with human help. Carbon dioxide levels and temperatures are now headed higher than human civilization has experienced. Everyone studying the matter -- including so-called climate "skeptics" -- acknowledges that adding carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere traps more heat, warming the planet.

Don't some scientists dispute global warming?

Few do anymore. Skeptics dispute whether the heat-trapping properties of greenhouse gases are affecting our climate more than natural variability. The most recent draft of the report released today, however, says, "Warming of the climate is unequivocal" and that heating caused by man-made emissions has outpaced natural warming by at least five times.

So there is no serious disagreement among climate scientists?

Quite the contrary. But arguments among scientists actively researching the issue tend to center on questions such as: How fast is the globe likely to warm? What's the most probable amount of sea level rise? How fast will the ocean absorb the heat?

Didn't scientists say 30 years ago that we were headed for an ice age?

It's true that a small group of scientists speculated that the Earth was likely heading into an ice age. According to fossil records, warm climate periods, such as the one we're in now, usually last about 10,000 years -- and it's been about 12,000 for this one so far. Today's report says that, absent greenhouse gases, most regions in the globe would have seen slight cooling in the past few decades -- though certainly not enough to be called an ice age. Bottom line: the widespread agreement today among climate scientists is a far cry from the speculations of a few in the 1970s.

Couldn't a warmer climate be better?

There are upsides to a warmer planet. As the growing seasons lengthen you can plant your vegetables sooner in the spring. More carbon dioxide, which plants turn to food through photosynthesis, generally makes plants grow faster, but it's unclear how much. Places too cold for agriculture could become fertile. But those benefits could easily be outweighed by droughts, flooding, more intense and frequent forest fires and more insects.

Isn't key global warming research like the "hockey stick" wrong? The "hockey stick" refers to a 1998 temperature graph spanning the past 1,000 years showing a rise in the 20th century (the upward bend of the hockey stick). A 2003 critique by an economist and a mining executive said the climate scientists' earlier analysis relied too heavily on reading tree rings in the American West, skewing the recent temperature trend upward. A National Academy of Sciences review deemed some of the criticisms valid but said the original study's basic conclusions were "supported by an array of evidence." At least seven subsequent studies agreed. Finally, the hockey stick was not the foundation of modern climate-change science -- just one of many pieces of evidence.

Isn't it too late to fix it?

Over the past 300 years, people have burned a lot of oil and coal, emitting carbon dioxide. The gas stays in the atmosphere for possibly hundreds of years, so warming already under way will last centuries. Already 3.2 billion metric tons of CO2 is added to the atmosphere annually, and the number is climbing rapidly. Scientists debate when the tipping points will be reached where warming and damage become uncontrollable. But virtually all agree it will help matters to control the release of greenhouse gases.

Scientists blew their earlier projections of sea-level rise, so why should we believe this one?

Actually, the new report only slightly revises the probabilities of some of the most harmful scenarios regarding sea-level rise. The median projection is basically the same as in the last report.

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