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Take a peek over Jim Borgman's shoulder

Jim Borgman has been the Enquirer's editorial cartoonist since 1976. Borgman has won every major award in his field, including the 1991 Pulitzer Prize, the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 1993, and most recently, the Adamson Award in 2005 as International Cartoonist of the Year. His award-winning daily comic strip Zits, co-created with Jerry Scott, chronicles the life of 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan, his family and friends through the glories and challenges of the teenage years. Since debuting in July 1997, Zits has regularly finished #1 in reader comics polls across America and is syndicated in more than 1300 newspapers around the world.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007



at 3/7/07, 3:27 PM Blogger JohnDWoodSr said...

Great cartoon! Too bad it's so close to the truth.Did you know that his doctors are going to treat his recently discovered blood clot with a drug called Warfarin? I hope they don't do it- his psyche is already saturated with the stuff.

at 3/7/07, 3:35 PM Blogger Steve Willhite said...

Your Cheney is the best! It will be a shame when he's no longer newsworthy.

at 3/7/07, 10:53 PM Anonymous tim of sioux falls, s.d. said...

I like the depiction of bats, lightning, and thunder bolts when you draw cartoons about Cheney. He also looks in need of a male bra, a manssiere, like the one designed by Kramer and George Costanza's dad in a Seinfeld episode.

at 3/8/07, 8:13 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's haunting how on target you are so often! Do you have connections somewhere high up???

at 3/9/07, 12:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Memo to Mr. Borgman:

Please remain in good health and do not retire. I can't wait to see how you present President Hillary Clinton.

Will you present her as a hearetless raving and mad lunatic?

Will you present her as un-ladylike?

Here are a few of her famous quotes:

"I am a fan of the social policies that you find in Europe".

"We just can't trust the American people to make those types of choices....Government has to make those choices for people"

"What are you doing inviting these people into my home? These people are our eniemies! They are trying to destroy us!" - Hillary's reaction to an aide, when she found that some Republicans had been invited to the Clinton White House.

"If you want to remain on this detail, get your ------- a-- over here and grab this bag." Hillary to a Secret Service agent who was reluctant to carry her luggage because he wanted to keep his hands free in case of an accident.

There are lots lots more.
She has been vicious and nasty to the Secret Service Deatil assigned to her over the years.

So, Mr. Borgman please stay health and do not retire. Of course, my daily prayers are that Hillary never gets to be President of the United States. Never!

at 3/9/07, 12:58 PM Anonymous Reality Check said...

Well, until Hillary shoots a friend in the face, or tells a Congressman to "go f*** himself," I'd say she's off the hook.

"I am a fan of the social policies that you find in Europe" is supposed to be a problem?!

at 3/9/07, 3:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reality Check states that he is a fan of social policies found in Europe.

Really? Do you favor all of them, of just a few.

For example, does Reality Check favor waiting 10 weeks for a MRI, or to get into a specialist when referred by the primary care physician.
Or does Reality Check favor the movement in Germany to remove all urinals from public restrooms so men will have to sit while doing that business. Seems that someone feels it makes a man powerful to stand to urinate. ????????

Maybe Reality check would want to go the way of many European countries with regards to private pensions (your 401k and/ or IRA).

Sweeden treated private pension as the same as U.S. until 1980s, that is contributions and gains were tax exempt until withdrawn at retirment. Basically the holder of IRA, 401k is now taxed along the way - which eliminates the majic of compound interest. Itr could mean the difference of retiring with a nest egg of possibly $1.5 million, but with the taxing of the benefits, gains, the IRA holder may only have $600,000.

Other countries have seen the benefits of this as well. I have information on Astralia and New Zealand. Both treated private pensions (YOUR IRA - 401K) as the U.S. but changed their policies so the government can collect taxes throughout the life of the pension plan - but hurting the individual.

Does Reality Check know and understand that Hillary favors a one time 15% tax on the value of all private pension plans, your ira, 401K, a P & G employee's stock sharing plan. Imagine, if you will, a P & G employee with an excellent work ethic, having missed less than 5 days of work in 25 years, and having accumulated $1.5 million in the stock plan which is similiar to a 401 k. Now imagine this poor P & G employee writing a check for his 15% tax to the U.S. Treasury in the amount of $225,000.00. Thus his private pension profit sharing is rediced to $1,275,000.00.

Hillary has stated the U.S. Pension system is and unpredictable way to provide retirement incomeand it benefits a relatively privileged subset of the population. REad that again Reality Check!!

at 3/9/07, 3:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary clinton states the following at a fund raiser for Barbara Boxer. "Many of you are well enough off that (President Bush's) tax cuts may have helped you. We're saying that for America to get back on track, we're probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. We'er going to have to take things away from on behalf of the common good" 6/28/04

After the six month committee on National Health Care Hillary Clinton held a series of town meetings to present facts and answer questions.
One gentleman advised Hillary that he and his wife have full insurance coverage and the employer pays full premium. Why should he be put in her plan.
Her response: "Sir, you and your wife have an excess benefit".

at 3/9/07, 8:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim - how stupid can you get? Typical lib -can't see the forest for the trees. Why not go after the real criminals - Wilson and Plame who have milked Washington for all it's worth.
Both are unmitigated liars, yet you fault the administration, i.e. Cheney "henchman". I'm sure Cheney has more important things to worry about than whether Valerie Plame, a clerk at the CIA, was revealed as an emplyee of the CIA. There are many CIA employees and if you want, just go to Washington and watch them go to work daily. Your
Cheney depiction is totally erroneous -- he's done a great job and we're lucky to have him serving. Why don't you concentrate
on local issues which need your expertise - most recently the Cincinnati Legal Dept., and stick to something you might be able to investigate for fact, rather than fiction. The national issues are apparently beyond your capability, as illustrated in the 3/8 pictorial. Yes, they'll get a book deal (Joe and Valerie) and make lots of money-- titled "How to make money in Washington as real Scumbags".

at 3/9/07, 11:51 PM Anonymous J. Harbin said...

Joe Wilson ("What I Didn't Find in Africa") was right: there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
Cheney sold the WMD lie to start the war and because of that Americans are still dying.
An argument with those statements is an argument against common knowledge and recorded recent history.

at 3/10/07, 8:41 PM Anonymous Reality Check said...

10 Weeks to get an MRI . . . you mean they actually get MRI's in Germany?! Here in the US, good luck getting your HMO to clear you for an MRI; and if you're uninsured, you'd better be rich . . . and that's just to get the MRI at all!! One of the reasons companies like Airbus, Volkswagen, BMW, and Daimler-Benz are so successful is that they don't have to worry about paying their employee's health insurance . . . it's already covered! One can only imagine how much cheaper GM and Ford's cars would be if they didn't have to pay employee health care (makes up a surprisingly large part of a car's cost) . . .

As for that "German urinal ban," sounds like another urban legend perpetrated by anti-women's rights crowd . . . maybe there are people in Germany who want that, just as there are people in the US who think black helicopters are after them . . .

When it comes to ideas, Europe has had a tendency to be ahead of the curve (abolishing slavery, women's rights); any leader who looks up to them should get extra attention as a potential leader of the future!

at 3/11/07, 11:20 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reality Check states that any leader that looks to Europe for ideas should get extra attention as a potential leader of the future.

Really? Would that include the one time 15% on private pensions giving Hillary a $1 TRILLION windfall..
Not only would this affect your IRA, 401K, but every pension fund in the country, including Ohio PERS would fork over the one time fee.
This would give Hillary fundng for a socialist agenda which would make us more dependent upon the government.

at 3/11/07, 11:51 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vice President Cheney does not have
man-boobs. He is in excellent shape physically.

at 3/11/07, 8:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correction: the vice president IS a man boob.

at 3/11/07, 8:59 PM Anonymous H. Beige said...

Foghat! Funny!

at 3/11/07, 11:31 PM Anonymous Reality Check said...

A one trillion dollar revenue increase resulting from a one time, as in never again, tax on investments that have otherwise gone untouched, for a government eight trillion dollars in debt, a lot of it to foreign creditors . . .

I'm sorry, this is supposed to be a bad thing . . . how?!

at 3/12/07, 6:46 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Reality Check: You indicate the one time tax on all private pensions giving the U.S. Government a one time windfall of one trillion dollars - is not a bad thing.

Yes. Here's why.
Once politicians go to that well for water - they will return again and again.
Have you forgotten that the Ohio Sales tax began as a "temporary" tax of 1% in 1937. This temporary tax ix now 7%.
The Cincinnati earnings tax began as a "temporary" tax of .05% in 1967, and now this temporary tax is 2.1%.
In a speech at the 1996 Democratic Convention Rev. Jesse Jackson said:
"There is six trillion dollars held in all private pensions and we should take 5% of this to rebuild cities".
Believe me Reality Check there are many politicians who see that - now about $10+ trilllion as a source of revenue for the government.
Question for Reality Check: Have you ever seen a temporary tax end?

Another question for Reality Check:
Suppose there is a fellow at your place of employment who has taken full advantage of the 401k plan, and say he has accumulated $200,000 in his 401k. Under Hillary's plan he would send a check to the U.S. Treasury for $30,000. Thus his retirment plan is reduced to $170,000.
At your same place of employment there is another fellow who elected not to particpate in the 401k - and he has worked at the firm about same time as the above fellow. This guy buys a new car ever 3 years, new golf clubs every few years, all the newest toys, etc. In other words he consumes his income, has no savings. He would pay NOTHING under this one time tax. Do you see that as fair?

at 3/12/07, 6:52 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

And - another thing Reality Check..
When Jessee Jackson said "We should take 5% of the value of private pensions"...the remark was met with applause by the delegates and members of the crowd. Roxann Qualies was a delegate at that time, and I've always wanted to ask her if she was present for that speech, and how she reacted.

I was sitting in front of the TV reading, half paying attention, and when I heard it I almost fell out of my chair.

You can google search the 1996 Democrat Convention and scroll to the Jesse Jackson speech.
You can also google search the Clinton Pension Grab for information on how Clinton wanted to get into your 401k.

at 3/12/07, 5:51 PM Anonymous Reality Check said...


Ok, since someone still does not get it . . . the money for repaving crumbling roads, refitting rusty water mains, replacing frayed power lines . . . it doesn't magically appear out of nowhere!

Next time you criticize taxes, keep in mind where the money to maintain the road you drive on cames from!

"Democrat Convention"? Learn basic grammar while you're at it . . .

at 3/12/07, 6:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

*sigh* *sigh*

Speaking of someone who doesn't get it, It's Reality Check.

Suggested reading for Reality Check: "The Retirement Myth"
Craig S. Karpel
Harper Collins, publisher.

For your benefit Reality Check:

p. 35 & 36

"In a barrage of articles in the journal of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston with titles like 'It's time to Tax Employee Benefits" and " Current Taxation of Qualified Pension Plans: Has the time Come?, economist Alicia Munnell, a former Vice President of the Bank, has written 'In an era of large budget deficits and a future that includes rising costs of an aging society, it is fiddivult to undestand why such a large source of potential refenue is allowed to go untapped." Dr. Munnel is now at the U.S. Treasury as assistant secretary for economic policy. Her ideas have many supporters inside the beltway.

(Pause here Reality Check - this was during the Clinton Administratin - she was a Hillary appointee.)

Back to the article: She (munnell) has proposed not onlyb taxing employers annual contributions to pension plans and the annual earnings on pension investments - but has also immediately taxing away 15 per cent of all pension fund accumulations to make up for lack of taxattion in the past.

Stop Reality Check and take a deep breath - "This probably would be the largest single confiscatin of property in recorded history"
*sigh* and....I prefer the term Democrat Convention.
I prefer the term Death Tax.
etc. etc.

at 3/13/07, 6:31 PM Anonymous Reality Check said...

Hmmm, not only still unable to tell just what taxes are for, but . . .:

- Unable to differentiate between nouns and adjectives.

- The dead have use for money?!

- That's the Paris Hilton Tax, to those who understand the reality.

at 3/14/07, 11:07 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Reality Check. You continue to bark up the wrong tree. I certainly know the purposes of taxes.
I know that certain areas should remain untouchable or sacrosanct. Your private pension and/or nest egg is one of them. The reason for this is that the system began to allow people to save for retirment because Social Security is not supposed to be the main source of retirement income.
You failed to address a few things:

1. You failed to comment on two co-workers who worked for the same firm for, say 25 years, and one took full advantage of the 401k and acquired a nice nest egg. The other employee lived paycheck to paychek, did not save for the future. So - - - when such a tax comes along - - - - what say our about the fellow who didn't save.

Re: Infrastructure - We already have gaslonine and other taxes for that. And- Beleive me - Jessee Jackson doesn't give a hoot about any infrastructure - he wants to get his hands on some of the trillions in these funds - for give away programs - and nothing elzse.

Re the Death Tax. You and I agree that Paris Hilton is a brat. But I don't want to intefere with her family business and their finances. On a much much much smaller scale I and slowly passing along small amounts of wealth in the form of a few shares of stock to my gandkids yearly. This is MY business only.
President Hillary Clinton will bring the Death Tax to the levels of PRE-Reagan - that is - the first $60,000 of an estate is exempt from the death tax. So, a result will be probably 90% of estates will be subject to the death tax. Everyone who owns a home and dies will be subject to the death.
FYI The Federal Death Tax from 1941 to 1985 was the first $60,000 of an estate was exempt. President Reagan raised the amount to $600,000. As you known, Presiden Bush has tried and tried many times to eliminate this confiscatory tax.
Question #2 to Reality Check. Prior to this being discussed in the past few days - have ON YOUR OWN ever had the thought or idea that all of the monies in private pensions should be tapped for government revenue? I'll bet not.

at 3/16/07, 4:47 PM Anonymous Reality Check said...

Last I heard, any changes to the Estate Tax involved raising the minimum level. If you have proof anyone (including Hillary) has plans to drop it back, please feel free to post evidence, though I won't be holding my breath!

On your questions, first one: I'd tell that guy, "you're keeping 85%, you have no reason to complain!"

Second one: My own money? If it helps keep this country solvent, and out of debt to foreigne powers, I have no reason not to let the government keep what they need, certainly if I get to keep 85% . . .

at 3/18/07, 8:15 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Reality Check:

Have you ever heard of:

Slippery slope,
Domino affect, or
Camel's nose is in the tent?

That is what the issue is when it comes to government tampering with private pension funds.

Under President Johnson the Social Security Fund was transfered to the General Fund and we all know the results.

I will not be around to see this, but I guarantee that those who set up Roth IRAs, will somehow be peanized some 30-40 years down the road. At that time their withdrawls will be TAX FREE because they did not get tax advantages with their contributions.
Someone will conclude that those with Roth IRAs will recieve income that will not be taxes and will make a case for some type of taxation of that income.
It's the same principal as wanting to get into IRA, 401k,Sep, Keough and all private plans to that one time grab.
Some people (and I have never met one) feel that people should not have been the tax breaks realized by setting up IRAs, etc.
If you are serious about reducing the 8 trillion debt - why not advocate a 1 cent national sales tax - and guess what Reality Check - everybody would pay, NOT just those who were responsible and prudent.

I just can't get that co worker out of my head, you know the one who did not take advantage of his 401k - and then getting a free ride.

With the 1 cent national sales tax, no one gets a free ride. Politicians being what they are would never devote every cent raised by the 1 cent natl sales tax strictly to reducing the debt.

I think if a resonable person had a choice between raiding the private pension system or a 1 cent national sales tax - with proceeds reducing the national debt, the national sales tax would win.


BTW: It would be so generous of the government to "let" me keep 85% of MY IRA and 401k. I believe in ground rules - and have planned according to the ground rules established regarding MY IRA and 401k.

George McGovern had an observation about the Individual Retirement Account when it was created some 30 years ago. He said: The only thing wrong with the IRA is the word "individual".

at 3/19/07, 4:45 PM Blogger Zack said...

I am currently an English Teacher in Germany. It took me one week to get an MRI. The movement to remove urinals is just a big joke for people who like to put stickers everywhere that say "Hier sitz man!!!" I've yet to be in any restroom that was berfet of a urinal.

And seriously guys, Hillary and Cheney are both power hungry lunatics, who only say and do things that will help them stay elected and influential.

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