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Jim Borgman has been the Enquirer's editorial cartoonist since 1976. Borgman has won every major award in his field, including the 1991 Pulitzer Prize, the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 1993, and most recently, the Adamson Award in 2005 as International Cartoonist of the Year. His award-winning daily comic strip Zits, co-created with Jerry Scott, chronicles the life of 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan, his family and friends through the glories and challenges of the teenage years. Since debuting in July 1997, Zits has regularly finished #1 in reader comics polls across America and is syndicated in more than 1300 newspapers around the world.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gun Culture


at 4/19/07, 3:39 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Gun Culture", and yet not one person in that building was able to defend themselves?


at 4/19/07, 5:51 AM Anonymous Dan said...

This cheap shot is beneath your skill and dignity.

If America has such a "gun culture", then where were the guns that could have prevented or mitigated the tragedy? They were already prevented from being where they needed to be!

at 4/19/07, 6:24 AM Blogger Jeff Hunter said...

Lets not make this a gun issue. This was one troubled soul whose weapon of choice could just have easily been a bomb, knife, or chemical.

at 4/19/07, 9:51 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

You wasted no time turning this tragedy into something political. You should be ashamed and embarrassed of yourself.

at 4/19/07, 9:56 AM Anonymous EJ Kreiner said...

Another hideous example of "Blame it on Guns", not the person wielding the gun. I heartily agree, had students/staff been allowed to carry guns for personal protection, this tragedy may have been avoided or minimized.

at 4/19/07, 12:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, you really flushed out the kooks on this one.

i think you're spot on with this one. i can't fathom how the dirty harry mentality could ever make things safer.

at 4/19/07, 4:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

30 people killed with a knife . Right

at 4/19/07, 4:54 PM Anonymous h. beige said...

You big bad cartoonist maligning the handy, easy means of a massacre.
I say sell hand grenades at news stands; after all, it wouldn't be fault of the hand grenades, would it? (No. Because hand grenades don't kill peple either/people do.)

at 4/19/07, 5:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh please - as a college student, I promise you that even had I owned a gun, it would not be something that I shoved in my backpack every day to take to class. Hindsight is 20/20, but no student, no professor, would have seen this coming and been prepared with a gun that day. This became political long before this cartoon, as right-wing gun nuts latched onto another outlandish, illogical reason to insist on their 'right' to carry weapons in what should be peaceful places. This man did a terrible thing, but think - if we'd had stricter gun laws, he wouldn't have had that handgun.

at 4/20/07, 1:53 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 5:14

Actually, I think youre wrong. I'm a full time student at UC, and I know a few students who have conceal/carry permits, and do at LEAST carry their guns in their cars with them. I'm not sure if they take them to classes or not, but I know that there are some relatively close by should they be needed. The parking garages are a hell of a lot closer than the nearest cop, I'm sure. So while you may be too big of a pansy ass to protect yourself, at least you can rest comfortably knowing other students may do it for you. God forbid the same thing happens to you. I'm sure you'd change your attitude real quick.

at 4/20/07, 1:55 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S. It humors me to think you truly believe there are "peaceful places" anymore. Are you really that naive, or are you just borderline retarded? Shootings occur everywhere these days. Government buildings, schools, colleges, churches, etc.

at 4/20/07, 2:04 AM Blogger Terrence said...

Are you people kidding me? This cartoon is much better than the first one Jim did on the topic.

The vast majority of cartoons on it were, in my opinion, not impressive. This is natural, in a way, because the first response people tend to experience towards tragic and horrific events that strike close to home, at least initially, is a kind of wordlessness. A cartoonist's most potent weapon (no pun intended) is his sense of humor, and it's hard to joke about this kind of thing.

However, a cartoon need not be "funny" to be "clever", and while other people may think differently, what I look for when evaluating a topical cartoon is some form of cleverness, be it visual or verbal; overtly funny or not. Even people who don't agree with Jim's politics must recognize that this cartoon contains a visually clever graphic device, whereas the previous one, while expertly drawn and certainly an expression of the cartoonist's feelings, isn't really especially "clever" one way or the other (certainly not by comparison!).

The older cartoon points out that this was a sad thing that happened–but you and I already knew that, we didn't need dozens of syndicated cartoons to give us that same message with no special, unique twist over and over again. This more recent one, by contrast, has its own specific flavor you may like or dislike, but either way you won't find it exactly duplicated in any others.

at 4/20/07, 2:10 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.P.S. Sorry, your comment is so outrageous I have to reply 3 times. I got news for you kid. If we had stricter gun laws, he STILL would have gotten those guns (you know, since criminals like this lunatic clearly obey laws in the first place....) Its obvious he had planned this out weeks, if not months in advance. The only thing stricter guns laws would do would ensure criminals that their victims are unable to defend themselves. If you spent 2 minutes doing research, you would note that, despite your ass backwards thinking, the shooting that occurred in 2002 at another VA college was stopped by two quick thinking college students that had their guns. How many students would have been killed had people like you had their way? People like you are the true threat to society. Look at the majority of civilized nations who believe in the right to bear arms, and then look at their crime rates. The UK has ridiculously strict gun laws (all banned, i believe) and yet their crime rates are skyrocketing. SHOCKER. The Swiss have machine guns in every house, and amazingly, the crime rate there is slim to none. Hmmmm. Would you like more examples of how blatantly ignorant your ideology is? There are plenty more examples, but I'm guessing you'll say no. Liberals are never very big fans of the truth, unless there is a "CONSPIRACY" involved...


oh, and whats your name again? i believe since you're so opposed to defending yourself, we should just go ahead and let everyone here know if they want an easy target, they can find you. Mmmmmm i heart hypocrisy.

at 4/20/07, 8:07 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suppose you believe like Neal Boortz, that its the victims own fault they were killed because they've been indoctrinated by the 'liberal wussification of America.'
I wish you had your facts straight. These students and professors were trapped in the building. There was no way they would have been able to run to an oh-so-convenient parking garage to grab the serendipitiously placed handgun with which they would heroically stop the shooting and glorify the second amendment. The shooter's purchase of the gun was completely legal - maybe, just maybe, this could have been prevented if we even had stricter background checks and someone had noticed that a kid who had been charged with stalking women was being given a gun. Or is that too much "blatantly ignorant" and "pansy ass" thinking for you?

This was a tragedy, and succumbing to the idea that everyone is an enemy and everywhere is a battlefield not only demeans the victims and the wonderful, inspiring things they may very well have gone on to do with their lives, but gives the killer exactly what he wanted - a world of paranoia and fear.

And I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about with conspiracy, but what gives you the slightest idea that I would want you to be able to contact me after the rudeness and vitriol you peppered your last THREE posts with? You obviously have no interest in speaking rationally, only in spouting your propaganda and ideology, and frankly, I'd prefer to remain anonymous, and I don't see that in any way to be hypocritical.

at 4/20/07, 10:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to me that in the end, we're faced with one very simple question. If handguns and assault rifles were banned in this country, would we have more deaths as a result, or fewer? We all know the answer.

at 4/20/07, 12:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

In reading the majoirty of these posts, I find myself very amused at the points on both sides. In general terms, new gun laws more than likely would not change things. The issue is with enforcement. If someone who has been charged and convicted of stalking, the system should have caught that. A thousand new laws won't change that unless you enforce the current law and see where things shake out. At that point, you can truely evaulate if a new or different law is necessary. Regardless of the laws in place, if someone is willing to commit a crime in teh first place, does breaking the law to get a gun make a difference to them? I would say no in this case. For those who think guns should be outlawed period, simply read your history. Guns are a fact of life and they provided us ulimately with the freedom we all cherish now. If they are not available, we reduce our security to how our government and others accountable in the most dire circumstances.

at 4/20/07, 4:18 PM Blogger Terrence said...

Regarding today's Gonzales toon: Didn't you do this same joke with Ollie North years ago?

at 4/20/07, 6:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

2:10 am Anonymous is a worry. Should we call the cops and the therapists? His post is peppered with rants, threats and abuse. There is even an implied threat against the cartoonist (last par) in his rantings. His own words are enough reason to outlaw all guns from the reach of the gun nuts.

In contrast, 8:07 Anonymous makes some very persuasive points that put the previous post to shame.

at 4/22/07, 8:50 PM Blogger J. Hazlett said...

What is so disheartening is that there are people, Mr. Borgman being one of them, who look for ways to hold our country accountable for every and any bad thing in the world. Having lived in different countries for 5 yrs., I have some perspective of what we have here in the states. We are an unbelievably blessed nation. Though we don't always get everything right, I'd rather be here than anywhere else.
With that said, I'm not sure of the number, but I'd be willing to bet there are at least dozens of laws on the books that limit/prohibit gun ownership/usage. Like the utopian sect I'd be all for outlawing guns if you could guarantee me everyone would play by the rules. Anyone not willing to obey the existing laws probably isn't going to have a problem breaking new laws.
Mr. Borgman, instead of pointing your condescending finger, why don't you come up with a solution? I can sit here and point out everything that's wrong too. That's easy.
Instead of always accentuating the negative, why don't you use your talent to build a positive mind-set with everyone who sees your work.

at 4/23/07, 11:21 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arent the gun issue and the illegal immigrant issue in this country the same problem? We want to put the cow back in the barn after the door has been left open too long. We cant round up the illegal human beings in this nation effectively, how do you propose we eliminate the guns? We couldnt do it with alcohol or cigarettes and they kill way more than guns do. Face it folks, like it or not guns are here to stay, legal or illegal. Maybe we should just follow the falty logic here and tound up all Koreans immigrants instead, after all, thats who really caused this right? Think people..a nut is to blame here, not the gun. Guns are just easier to pick out of a crowd.

at 4/23/07, 2:40 PM Anonymous h. beige said...

The grey area of the argument is availability -- a nut can probably get a gun somehow, but what if it's harder to do?

at 4/24/07, 11:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Someone who wants a gun will get one.. legally if they can, illegally if they have to....

Which is why I want to be carrying my gun when that person decides to start shooting while I am around. The had better know to take me out first, because as soon as I draw, they're life is ended.

at 4/24/07, 12:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay, dirty harry or is it charles bronson is back.

at 4/24/07, 10:35 PM Anonymous Barney P. said...

Good thinking. Arm college students. And why stop there? High school kids, too. Hell, elementary kids can learn to shoot with some help. We better arm 'em all for a safer land. A modern modest proposal.

at 4/29/07, 7:20 AM Blogger Fiddler's green said...

Great cartoon.
Swiss have machine guns YET there are no killing.English have a growing crime level unrelated to firearms. France only has hunting accident (w/o politicians involved).
SO Perhaps there's a problem in the US with guns. Perhaps...Or there's a problem with America.
Everybody with a gun: do you you want to turn this country into Brazil or Columbia?

at 7/31/07, 7:06 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quote from Anonymous:
This man did a terrible thing, but think - if we'd had stricter gun laws, he wouldn't have had that handgun.

I agree with he did a terrible thing, but stricter gun laws? Come on!! Murder is already outlawed!!! And that didn't stop him!! Why do you think more laws would stop a sicko?

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