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Jim Borgman has been the Enquirer's editorial cartoonist since 1976. Borgman has won every major award in his field, including the 1991 Pulitzer Prize, the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 1993, and most recently, the Adamson Award in 2005 as International Cartoonist of the Year. His award-winning daily comic strip Zits, co-created with Jerry Scott, chronicles the life of 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan, his family and friends through the glories and challenges of the teenage years. Since debuting in July 1997, Zits has regularly finished #1 in reader comics polls across America and is syndicated in more than 1300 newspapers around the world.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend


at 5/25/07, 2:40 PM Anonymous Chuckie G. said...

OK now that is awesome.

at 5/25/07, 4:44 PM Anonymous Dan said...


I am so glad our nation has learned to separate their hatred of a war from any hatred of the selfless Americans sent to prosecute the war.

It is not unpatriotic or unsupportive of our soldiers to want them to come home.

at 5/26/07, 1:58 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry, i dont buy it.

you cannot have democrats out there saying our troops are terrorizing innocent men, women, and children (kerry), murderers of innocent civilians (murtha), and complete failures (the entire democrat party), and then turn around and say you support the troops. in my book, you dont support the troops if you dont support what they are doing. how would you feel if your bosses came up to you and said "wow, youre really sucking at your job lately. i think you should quit"? would you feel like they were supporting you?

didnt think so. good try, but i'll never buy it. democrats who oppose this war do not support the troops, and that is ok. they dont HAVE to support the troops, however, you dont have to demonize them either, which is what democrats have been doing all along.

at 5/26/07, 8:45 AM Blogger Wettengel said...

I have had a job where I know the project I am working on is crap but my bosses tell me to do it so I do it. I wish the war bosses would a) not have gone into Iraq but once they made that major mistake if they would have done a good job executing the war.

I hate this war and the fact that before Iraq the whole world (basically) was with us in the war on terror now thanks to George Bush and his attack on Iraq the coalition of the willing is down to what us and the Marshall Islands?

at 5/26/07, 10:42 AM Anonymous h. beige said...

"Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it." -- Mark Twain

The troops are included in "country". It's as simple and complex as that.

at 5/26/07, 11:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear Wettengel:

i HIGHLY suggest you go back and look who voted to authorize this war. heres a hint. president bush doesnt vote!

ohhhhhhhh the hypocrisy of it all!

at 5/27/07, 12:02 AM Anonymous Reality Check said...

Amazing what people will vote for when they're given faulty information!

at 5/27/07, 12:31 AM Anonymous Reality Check said...

"Dont' buy it?"?! Hmmm, I'm curious is you're only lying to us, or also to yourself . . .

Are you honestly saying men, women and children are not terrorized when soldiers break in during the middle of the night? Are you honestly saying the massacre of 31 civilians at Haditha did not happen? Senator John Kerry and Representative Jack Murtha dared . . . TELL THE TRUTH, THOSE MONSTERS!!

"Complete Failures"?! That would be the idiots who planned this fiasco, the soldiers were simply doing what their job said to do. It's the boss who sucks, not the employee.

I also notice you can't tell noun from adjective; some people try to work on their grammar skill. I'm an immigrant to the US, and even I know "Democrat" is a noun and "Democratic" is an adjective!

It's also those pesky Democrats who work to make sure the troops have proper body armor, equipment, and care when the return home in pieces. They sure wouldn't have allowed the privatization that messed up Walter Reed.

"Demonized"? Yeah, right . . .

Here's to supporting the troops by pulling out of the civil war in Iraq where we don't belong, and having them ready for our real enemies!

at 5/27/07, 9:40 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

there arent REAL enemies in iraq? are you kidding me? i suppose you consider REAL enemies to be al qaeda, right?

go do some fact checking, and find out when abu musab al zarqawi was in iraq, sugartits. he was there BEFORE we invaded. oh, whats that you say? he doesn't count since you oppose the war in iraq?!? i see. selectively choosing which ENEMIES to fight, eh? al qaeda in iraq is operating there now. i'd love to know who you consider the REAL enemy (besides the troops, of course).

with regards to murtha and kerry, i'm not surprised you defended kerry calling our troops terrorists. but that's ok. they are fighting for your right to call the terrorists. if you go back and do some more fact checking (i know, its hard), find out when murtha made that quote. he did not say "allegedly" anywhere in his statement. he called them cold blooded murderers, point blank, BEFORE they were charged and convicted of anything. hell, im pretty sure one of them were released without ANY charges. now, i know youre an immigrant, and i'm glad you take the liberties we have here in America for granted, however we here in America believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty. apparently, where you are from, that's not the norm. i would have no problem had murtha waited until after they were CONVICTED of anything, but instead he couldn't wait to DEMONIZE our troops and use it to his advantage. i'm sorry your home country didn't have rape rooms, torture rooms, and a dictator that gassed his own people. i'm certain that if you had been born in iraq, you wouldn't be taking the freedom we have here in America for granted. it's truly sad, and i'm sorry that you, as well as so many other Americans, are so ungrateful for the liberty and freedom we have here in America and have no desire to spread this liberty and freedom to others.

ohhhhhhhh the hypocrisy!

in regards to my grammar, obviously you aren't smart enough to understand why i use the term "DEMOCRAT" instead of "DEMOCRATIC", so it's worthless to explain it to you.

heres to supporting the troops, AND their mission! come home safe, sound, and with the job that DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS together voted to send you to do! you truly are heroes, regardless of what those on the left say!

at 5/27/07, 5:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

given the way rethuglicans support the troops (is that john boner crying that i hear?), who needs it.

all they see is cannon fodder in their blood for oil campaign

at 5/27/07, 10:31 PM Anonymous tim of sioux falls said...

Anonymous at 1:58 a.m. states: "democrats who oppose this war do not support the troops, and that is ok. they dont HAVE to support the troops, however, you dont have to demonize them either, which is what democrats have been doing all along." This statement is false and is an attempt to bolster the President's failed Iraq War rationale by demonizing the Democrats. Anonymous at 9:40 a.m. said: "i'm certain that if you had been born in iraq, you wouldn't be taking the freedom we have here in America for granted. it's truly sad, and i'm sorry that you, as well as so many other Americans, are so ungrateful for the liberty and freedom we have here in America and have no desire to spread this liberty and freedom to others." Democrats are not ungrateful for the liberties and freedoms provided to us by those who sacrificed their lives. In fact, many registered Democrats, as well as Republicans, sacrificed their lives to ensure our liberties. The President, W, declared an unprecedented attack on a country located in an unstable area of the Mideast with no clear-cut exit strategy. Why would any presidential adminitration choose such a hostile tactic in order to spread democracy? Young men and women continue to sacrifice their lives in an attempt to help the Bush Administration "save face." Perhaps, Henry Kissinger is still available to meet with Iraq leaders in Paris to negotiate a "Peace with Honor" resolution to the war in order to spare our armed forces from further harm.

at 5/30/07, 12:15 AM Anonymous Reality Check said...

Oh dear dear, looks like Rabid Rightie don't like it when someone dares call his lies! I'll be fair, maybe you're just too dumb to know you're not telling the truth . . . I guess it's time for some reality checks . . .

Reality Check #1: "Al Quaeda-in-Iraq" makes up less than 5% of the fighters there, by the military's own estimates. The rest are local factions fighting over local control, and highly intolerant of foreign fighters shooting at them (hint, hint). Not only that, they broke path with "Big Al Quaeda" years ago, to the point they barely communicated (2005 may have been the last year of any communication between Zarquawi and bin Laden). Oh, did I mention Saddam Hussein was actively hunting Zarquawi?! (CIA reports) Who knows, if we'd left him in power, he might have eventually gotten the job done. Really want to go after Al Quaeda? Go back to Afghanistan to finish that job . . .

Reality Check #2: "Fighting for you right to call them terrorists." Sorry, that implies there is some kind threat in Iraq to us. Nevermind the 95% of the fighters who just want a piece of the land, turns out "Al Quaeda-in-Iraq" also has little intention or ability to leave. So . . . no WMDs, no one who'll "follow us here," and the impression in the region that the US is out for conquest. They're fighting to be referees in a civil war, dying and killing in vein for a lost cause . . . truly a repulsive shame for all involved.

Reality Check #3: Like it or not, Congressman Murtha is a long-time military man, with tons of connections, and regular visits to soldiers abroad. All he had to do was put his ear (either one) to the "military grapevine" to hear confirmation of the horrific events. Of course, countless experience with such events in Vietnam helped recognize the signs as well.

Reality Check #4: Sorry to break it to ya, but the torture and rape rooms are still around, just "under new management" as the saying goes. Thanks for bringing up the 1989 gassing of that Kurdish village, it's easy to forget irrelevantly old history!

Reality Check #5: While there are plenty of thing's we're spreading in Iraq, it's dim to pretend freedom is one of them. Like it or not, people have this weird problem with outsiders meddling in their business, especially when said outsiders fail to take into account the ethnic divisions within their nation, or how this was once three different regions. Yugoslavia posed an almost identical situation, yet not one US soldier ever set foot in Belgrade; look up "Partition" for the rest of the solution . . .

Since you still wont admit such poor grammar skills as to render you unable to tell noun from adjective (Democrat/Democratic), I won't push it, I guess ignorance truly is bliss . . .

In the end, support the troops by helping them get body armor, proper equipment, decent hospital care, and an eventual trip home. You can also hate the troops by wanting them to continue a failed mission, but that's your right, and you're free to have it . . .

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