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Take a peek over Jim Borgman's shoulder

Jim Borgman has been the Enquirer's editorial cartoonist since 1976. Borgman has won every major award in his field, including the 1991 Pulitzer Prize, the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 1993, and most recently, the Adamson Award in 2005 as International Cartoonist of the Year. His award-winning daily comic strip Zits, co-created with Jerry Scott, chronicles the life of 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan, his family and friends through the glories and challenges of the teenage years. Since debuting in July 1997, Zits has regularly finished #1 in reader comics polls across America and is syndicated in more than 1300 newspapers around the world.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Status Report


at 9/12/07, 3:13 PM Anonymous Dan said...

Ding! This one is a knockout!

at 9/12/07, 5:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

A knockout?

Using steps like this is cliche.
It's been done times before, I could only find one instance online, but it's been done by others.

at 9/12/07, 7:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree it's been done before but probably never as appropriately. Great image! Or, how about a hamster running on it's cage wheel?

Bush has dodged the "stay the course" label but changing "strategies" twice (first "surge" and then "drawing down") will leave us at same level as 13 months previously (come 7/08). After how many more Lives & billions??

at 9/12/07, 7:58 PM Anonymous Weekly Cartoonist said...

Anonymous (5:26): No kidding?
Iraq and Bush, the Escher of two evils.
Nice one.

at 9/13/07, 6:10 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter if it was already done by someone else. its a simple effective way to tell the truth about the endless mess the neocons have put america in.

just remember fight them over there so we don't have to fight them in aisle 3 at kmart

at 9/13/07, 7:13 AM Blogger Screaming Mimes said...

Very nicely done.

at 9/13/07, 10:28 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...


at 9/13/07, 11:40 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Zeus, how's that working for ya? The significance is that Bush is alone (it's how he entered the war)
the US is not a democracy, and we're not free
maybe Bush can try out his policies on Mars where he can't hurt anyone

at 9/13/07, 12:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

it should say "No Way Forward"

at 9/13/07, 12:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need some points of light besides the NFL and Dateline and NYC's pay-to-be-a-parent plan (why can't the us just have their jobs back?)

at 9/13/07, 8:59 PM Blogger Terrence said...

I thought this one was pretty good. Even if it's a cliche, Jim's treatment of it was striking enough that it didn't call to mind any previous instances for me.

The important thing is that there aren't dozens of cartoonists who've done roughly the same idea recently.

at 9/13/07, 9:20 PM Anonymous Bill Claude Meadows said...

Borgman's image is a take on M. C. Escher's Ascending and Descending, 1960. It is a variation of a theme that fits perfectly in its application here.
Like all references it rewards the viewer who knows it.

at 9/13/07, 11:18 PM Anonymous Schottzie03 said...

You also copied some sculpture dude in that one cartoon with the sherriff in it about the Mapplethorp guy.

You shouldn't steal another artists stash, Jimmy.

at 9/14/07, 9:45 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure, this cartoon may have been done by others, but I recall nearly the same cartoon here that Jim did in 1980 using Iran instead of Iraq. Perfect then...perfect now.

at 9/14/07, 12:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're back to the definition wars now; instead of trying to define "is" we're trying to define "indefinitely" Where's Webster?

at 9/15/07, 11:22 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Genesis 1:1
In the beginning Bush...

at 9/15/07, 11:23 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

how can the definition of mercy ever be self-centered?

at 9/15/07, 11:37 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeremiah 7:3-9

at 9/15/07, 11:38 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

at least it'll keep Bush busy; too bad it won't get him out of the way!

at 9/15/07, 11:58 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

indefinitely would be a good word to describe this

at 9/15/07, 1:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

how come Bush can't look anybody in the eye?

at 9/16/07, 11:40 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...


at 9/16/07, 11:41 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush needs a new hobby

at 9/16/07, 6:41 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah blah blah

at 9/20/07, 4:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

should be pointing down

at 9/23/07, 2:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

alone again!

By Liz Sidoti, Associated Press Writer | September 23, 2007

MACKINAC ISLAND, Mich. --Republican presidential candidates can't be any more clear: President Bush isn't welcome on the campaign trail.

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Globe Nation stories |
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Sign up for: Globe Headlines e-mail | Breaking News Alerts Competing to succeed him, top GOP candidates Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson and John McCain barely utter Bush's name. They essentially ignore the lame-duck president, or give him only passing credit, as they rail against the status quo and promise to fix problems he hasn't solved.

"We all know Americans want change," said McCain, an Arizona senator, explaining the aversion to aligning with Bush. "I give him credit for a number of things but I think the fact is Americans are turning the page, including our Republican primary voters."

The candidates are walking a fine line. They are trying to tap into the deep discontent those voters feel about the state of the country without alienating any who hold Bush in high regard. At the same time, they have to counter the Democrats' powerful arguments for a new direction.

How candidates handle the 800-pound elephant in the room now could have implications beyond the primary. Privately, Republican strategists agree their nominee will lose next fall if the general election is a referendum on Bush. They say GOP candidates are wise to distance themselves from the president now, given his unpopularity among the public at large.

Bush holds the opposite view.

Asked last week whether he is an asset or a liability for Republican candidates, Bush replied: "Strong asset."

at 9/23/07, 2:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be sure, none of the candidates want to be attached to Bush's legacy, afraid that doing so will make them sitting ducks for Democrats.

Who can blame them?

The unpopular Iraq war has bogged down his presidency. His party is in an uproar over out-of-control spending on his watch and embarrassing scandals among GOP officeholders. His job performance rating is at a low 33 percent, according to a recent Associated Press-Ipsos poll. Only 28 percent think the country is moving in the right direction. Half of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents think the country is on the wrong track.

Take Dan Wilson, 55, and Janet Frederick-Wilson, 47, of Westland, Mich. The Republicans voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004, but they've lost confidence in him over the past few years for what Frederick-Wilson said were a million different reasons. "Overall, he's lost touch," she said.

"He's kind of lost his way, unfortunately," Wilson said. "He started strong and then his office affected him."

at 9/25/07, 12:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, mr zeus had made his prediction about the elections; no surprises here; we're all pawns in his chess game, only we're on the losing side!

at 9/26/07, 2:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

$190 billion forward - can't wait!

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