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Jim Borgman has been the Enquirer's editorial cartoonist since 1976. Borgman has won every major award in his field, including the 1991 Pulitzer Prize, the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 1993, and most recently, the Adamson Award in 2005 as International Cartoonist of the Year. His award-winning daily comic strip Zits, co-created with Jerry Scott, chronicles the life of 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan, his family and friends through the glories and challenges of the teenage years. Since debuting in July 1997, Zits has regularly finished #1 in reader comics polls across America and is syndicated in more than 1300 newspapers around the world.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Local Drama


at 11/28/07, 7:54 PM Anonymous W.C. said...

Pick up artists:
You had a nice pick up truck a while back (and McNelly was brought up in this forum). Oliphant has a beauty today.

at 11/28/07, 10:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's a Wonderful Life" depicts angels as incompetant. "The Crucible" depicts pilgrims as mean-spirited. "Harvey" pokes fun at rabbits. Every drama has some character that is portayed as somewhat flawed, or else it would just be "Leave it to Beaver." On second thought, is that a slam on beavers? Let's ban all dramas, comedies, and satires; whether on stage, in film, or on television. And don't even get me started on pictures at the Cincinnati Art Museum! J. Statt

at 11/29/07, 11:20 AM Anonymous Dan said...

Having participated in a collegiate production of "Ten Little Indians", I find Lakota's cowardice offensive.

I don't care what the original title was. It was changed in the 1940's when the play was brought to America and has been staged under several benign titles since then.

The "Indians" in the most common title reference ten statues on the hearth, one of which gets broken after each murder. It refers to know person at all.

If it makes people feel better, call the play "Ten Middle-Aged White Guys" and have statues of me put on the hearth. It won't bother me.

The play is one of the greatest murder mysteries of all time and deserves to be on the stage in Lakota.

at 11/29/07, 11:23 AM Blogger Shade said...

If there's one thing I don't miss about living in Cincinnati it's the cities deeply ingrained animosity towards the arts.

at 11/29/07, 11:49 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry, but i think this is all about a "sensitivity" trainer seizing on an opportunity for free self promotion.

at 11/29/07, 3:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked when someone said instead of the play the students in the spirit of "diversity" read the lyrics to the top rap songs on stage.

at 11/29/07, 5:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the Louisville chapter of the NAACP should confront Churchill Downs' singing of "My Old Kentucky Home" before the Derby.
Why? Because an original line penned by Stephen Foster in the song was:" this summer,the DARKIES are GAY".
I don't know what's more offensive or who's more offended though...blacks that are bent out shape about being called a "darkie" or "gay"...or gays that are upset that GAY was removed from the song.
What a screwed up politically correct/incorrect nightmare the LEFT has foisted upon the land.

at 11/29/07, 5:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cincy is the stage of all stages; all the world's a stage and Cincy runs the show!

at 11/29/07, 7:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech in America:
You can use a public facility to approve sexual perversion just call it "an alternative lifestyle" and if offends someone that OK.
You can use public facilities to present the merits of killing unborn babies as a viable means of birth control thats OK.
You can use a public school to promote racial insensitivity and offend Blacks and Indians, that OK.
But if anyone uses one of those same facilities to honor GOD, or to ask God to Bless something like a football game or basketball game with safety and good sportsmanship, then Federal Case Law is violated. Some of you white people are hypocrites, You censor God, why would you care what Black people thing!

at 11/29/07, 9:34 PM Anonymous 03 said...

Pilgrams ARE mean spirited. How I hate them!!

It's about time someone had the guts to bring it up.

at 11/30/07, 7:53 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a screwed up politically correct/incorrect nightmare the LEFT has foisted upon the land.

how silly of me to forget that liberals came up with:

- the war on christmas
- jews just need to be perfected
- feminazis
- global warming is a hoax

and the best one:

- freedom is on the march

at 11/30/07, 7:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great cartoon. Thanks!!!

at 12/2/07, 1:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

quintessential son

at 12/2/07, 3:40 PM Blogger Outraged Ally said...

As an educator I am appalled at the decision to proceeed with the play "Ten Little Indians" - under any name. The title, the previous title, the new title, and the lyrics to the song or 'nursery rhyme' from which they were derived are racist, and it is very clear that faculty, administrators, parents and students at Lakota East are aware of that fact. I am sure they must have seen the original cover of Christie's book. Check it out if you think there is nothing racist about this play. Continuing in arrogance despite the pleas of aggrieved groups is reprehensible. The school district will need some luck trying to censor the voices of those whom they have chosen to ignore. They may think that NOW 'there are none' to stand up and respond, but this too is a sign of deep and abiding ignorance on their part - the same ignorance that allows them to unabashedly use the name 'Lakota' and stick 'tomahawks' in the helmets of their team. These symbols are not funny and they do no honor to Native Americans. They are offensive, and the continued use of those symbols dishonors the school district. Listen to the national outcry, and consider how respectable institutes of higher learning will respond to Lakota east graduates with this abominable behavior the symbol of their school. How can this play represent a 'teachable moment' when the entire school district consistently endorses racism? Who there is qualified to teach about 'diversity'? The play is the tip of the iceberg. The call to stop the play is NOT about censorship. It is about more free speech - it is about hearing at long last the voices of people Lakota East PRETENDS to emulate. but continues to ignore. Shame on all of you who support the censorship of indigenous people.

at 12/3/07, 11:05 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares?

Jim, your cartoons sure do bring the crazies from both sides out of the woodwork.

I don't know who is more riduculous, 'outraged ally' going on about universities not accepting Lakota students becuase their school has a racist name... or the right wing nut going on about feminazis.

I *think* you just might be doing your job. From one Elder alum to another, keep it up brother.

at 12/3/07, 3:59 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

jim, hope someone buys you a nutcracker for christmas!

at 12/3/07, 8:48 PM Blogger Ashley Niederman said...

I am so glad that the play Ten Little Indians is back on!!! I personally think that it would have been stupid to take away and cancel somthing that students have worked so hard on to perfect because of an offensive title that has not been used for over 50 years!!! You will most defiantly fond me in the audiance at this play!!!

at 12/5/07, 2:27 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ally, who's your next target, the Anderson Redskins ???
Freaking great cartoon, Jim, exposing the tyrannical hypocrisy of PC.

at 12/8/07, 3:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cincinnati, the city voted least likey to grow up

at 12/8/07, 3:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, I have to listen to all the crap that's on the news

at 12/9/07, 1:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The NAACP NEVER requested the play to cancelled. Racists and Uncle Tom's (Ray Murray) live in Liberty Township, that is why we need diversity out here!!

at 1/7/08, 11:35 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The April 2001 riots, sparked by the shooting of African-American Timothy Thomas by Officer Stephen Roach, threw the Cincinnati Police Department back into the national eye. The outcry prompted a U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division investigation that culminated in a federal agreement with both the City of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Police Department towards the improvement of area law enforcement. Along with new publications on community policing and public relations, this Memorandum of Agreement may be viewed online or in print in the Information & Reference Department. The first quarterly status report, in which the CPD’s compliance with the Memorandum is reviewed, has been posted to the CPD website with other collaborative documents. Additional information on Cincinnati Police Practices (including the Final Settlement of the U.S. District Court) is available on the ACLU’s website.

A lengthy review of racial profiling in Cincinnati by the consulting firm RAND Corporation led to the study “Police-Community Relations in Cincinnati.” This item is available only online—you’ll find a link to the title in our Catalog.

A concurrent internal investigation of Officer Roach was carried out by the Cincinnati Police Department, culminating in a report released to the public. Numerous newspaper articles tracking the riots, the investigations, the ensuing boycott, and the creation of Cincinnati CAN (Community Action Now) task force and the Citizen Complaint Authority may be searched via Newsdex. Type in “Cincinnati (City) Police Department” as the main subject heading in order to retrieve lists of articles on the CPD over the years, all of which may be read in the Magazines & Newspapers Department. More information can also be found in the RAND report, Police-Community Relations in Cincinnati. See also the local media’s joint archive of news stories and links online pertaining to recent developments in our community’s race relations.

Information on the current Cincinnati Police Department is online, including recruitment information, neighborhood crime statistics, photos and descriptions of missing persons as well as Cincinnati’s Most Wanted, and a memorial to officers who have died in the line of duty. The website also offers online forms for citizen complaints and service feedback, as well as a list of neighborhood assignments for police officers. Cincinnati was also included in a report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, Police Departments in Large Cities, which offers a statistical profile of department personnel and equipment.

The Cincinnati Police conducts ongoing recruitment for new police officers. The Information & Reference Department’s collection contains several study guides for general police exams. The Cincinnati Police webpage contains a detailed document called “Police Recruit Information Guide” for those who are interested.

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