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Take a peek over Jim Borgman's shoulder

Jim Borgman has been the Enquirer's editorial cartoonist since 1976. Borgman has won every major award in his field, including the 1991 Pulitzer Prize, the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 1993, and most recently, the Adamson Award in 2005 as International Cartoonist of the Year. His award-winning daily comic strip Zits, co-created with Jerry Scott, chronicles the life of 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan, his family and friends through the glories and challenges of the teenage years. Since debuting in July 1997, Zits has regularly finished #1 in reader comics polls across America and is syndicated in more than 1300 newspapers around the world.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

BorgBlog at Two

BorgBlog is two years and 526 posts old this month, and as I pause to give it a rest for a few weeks I'd like to share a few thoughts on my blogging experience.

I began this blog with the thought that I would share sketchbook pages, live roughs, scrawled-upon Starbucks napkins and drawings in process -- a behind-the-scenes layer of my work that I had reason to think might interest a small but passionate cartooncentric community. Though cartoonists' processes are necessarily private, (and regardless, I am private by nature,) I had the notion that more might be shared than convention had allowed, and I was game to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone.

Sketchbook pages filled with topics and cryptic scribbles fell flat, garnering only a few comments. Posting roughs backfired a few times, as I found my ideas grabbed by others who seemed to consider this a shop ripe for looting. And though I proceeded to finish and publish a couple of ideas I would have otherwise abandoned thanks to some encouraging comments, I also found that a lack of enthusiasm sometimes took the wind out of my sails on ideas I otherwise felt were promising. Lesson One: Be careful about putting fresh and tender notions up for a public vote.

Lesson 2: I quickly found that trying to stop a drawing in process to scan and post my progress was unworkable -- there is a certain flow that cartooning requires, a mental zone, that won't allow this going-under-and-coming-back-to-the-surface repeatedly. Most artists know that wonderful place several inches deep inside the paper where thoughts and music and daydreams and memories all swim around freely during the drawing of inky lines. It is often the richest part of the day, and I learned that I wasn't willing to give that up for the sake of posting. I thank blogging for that insight and an increased appreciation for that gift of Flow unique to artists.

So BorgBlog devolved into a few essays, some random thoughts, and the posting of each day's cartoon. For the record, this is the very first place where eyes are laid on my cartoons -- they are generally posted within fifteen minutes of finishing the drawing. And it's been fun to watch the comments grow in number over these couple of years, from 5 or 10 in the beginning to 20, 30 or more these days.

But ah, those comments. First, thanks to everyone who posts comments in the spirit of fun, curiosity, and lively debate. I've always benefited from thoughtful criticism, and those who take the time to challenge or support a position I've taken are equally valuable to me. That's most of you, and I've enjoyed this new kind of flash feedback. Most of my career I would draw a cartoon, put it in a bottle and toss it into the ocean, then wait like the guy in B.C. as it drifted off to the printer, to the presses, to the driveways, to the breakfast tables, and sometimes, days later, a response drifted back in the Letters to the Editor. Now I post a cartoon on this blog and read a couple dozen responses after dinner.

The flip side, of course, is that a Letter to the Editor required a certain gathering of one's thoughts, a careful and conscious effort to make oneself understood, a signature that held one accountable for those thoughts, and enough effort in the writing and mailing to scare away the fainthearted or ambivalent.

The Comments section of this blog has become a crack house of vitriole, a dangerous dark alleyway where angels fear to tread, and who can blame them? Anonymity provides cover for some people to air their darkest side, to attack randomly and venomously. It's something I don't want to be associated with anymore. I've come to feel the guilt of a slumlord, a kind of complicity in providing a barely monitored space where unaccountable voices brawl and slash.

The upshot, of course, is that one ventures out less. Whereas I began the blog inclined to share more of my process for those who might be interested, now I'm inclined to post only the drawings I intended for public consumption anyway and let the usual arrows bounce off my well-developed rhinoceros hide. Pity. I was hoping for more.

So I'm giving BorgBlog a rest until the first of the new year and looking for your thoughts on what it might become next. In its present form, I think it has run its course. Any ideas what we might do in this space next? How do we take back this neighborhood?


at 12/14/07, 10:41 AM Blogger Andy said...

one easy way to possibly make the blog better is to require registration for all posters (thus eliminating anonymous posting). i know c. trent's reds blog is this way. by doing this, you tend to create a better sense of community since people begin to understand the online personalities of the other posters.

at 12/14/07, 11:01 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim, sorry to see the blog go, but I understand your frustration! Something about your cartoons really inspires all the nutjobs in Cincinnati of both parties to come out in full force (take it as a testament to the power of art to provoke dialogue?)

at 12/14/07, 11:35 AM Blogger Haystacks Calhoun said...

It's not just yours, Jim. It's the entire site here. Anything even remotely politically charged, unfortunately, brings out the nut-jobs.

The best way to combat it is to take away the anonimity...that said, though, Jim, if you are going to dish out the political jabs, you need to be able to take them. Your act has been getting old as of late.

at 12/14/07, 11:56 AM Blogger Jim Borgman said...

"I've always benefited from thoughtful criticism, and those who take the time to challenge or support a position I've taken are equally valuable to me. That's most of you."

I'm not shying away from any criticism, Haystacks. I've absorbed more body blows over my work than you can imagine and I consider it a fair part of the exchange. It's the toxicity of the comments that bothers me, a whole different level of uncalled-for mean spiritedness than I've seen in thirty years of working at a newspaper. I attribute it to the anonymity of the blogosphere.

at 12/14/07, 12:18 PM Blogger russ said...

Jim, I support the elimination of "anonymous" commenting. It is a medium ripe for jacka$$ery. However, you can't give up completely on the BorgBlog. Otherwise people my age (28, not that young) and younger, who scoff at the thought of a physical newspaper, will never get the opportunity to see any work or gather any insight to it. I know it's easy for me to say, but keep trying.

at 12/14/07, 12:40 PM Anonymous Friend of Dick Cheney said...

Jim, Sorry to hear you are shelving this little gem of a blog !
Guess your "rhinoceros hide " is not as thick as you thought ! This merely proves your humanity and humility !

at 12/14/07, 12:44 PM Anonymous Ken said...

I've been reading your blog pretty consistently for the past year, since a journalism professor recommended it. Although I generally agree with you editorially, as the grandson of a political cartoonist, the main reason I keep returning is to see how you do what you do, even if you just post your final cartoons. A friend once mentioned that if you post a video of cute, frolicking puppies in grass and allow people to comment on it, someone would eventually call someone else anti-American, a Communist or something worse. Hopefully, we can keep enjoying your art without having some idiots ruin it for the rest of us.

at 12/14/07, 12:47 PM Anonymous glendale ted said...

No! Please don't go! This blog is mandatory reading for me every morning. I totally understand your frustration over the hijacking of the comments section. Often I won't click on it.

Still, as an unabashed fan and transplanted Cincinnatian, I enjoy your work. Opening up your thought process, even if you wait until after the finished product, is fascinating.

I third the suggestion that people be required to register if they wish to post. But, please -- don't stop. We need you here!

Ted Tegenkamp
Glendale, CA

at 12/14/07, 12:47 PM Blogger Philip Shade said...

I'm sorry I missed the earlier days of your blog, I love the idea of seeing some of your sketchbook work. Of your recent posts I've really been drawn to - and greatly enjoyed - when you talk about about how you do it, and answer questions.

I'll admit after reading some responses, I've wondered how you deal with some the meaner slings. As someone who critiques culture for a living you are opening yourself to scrutiny, it's sad though that some folks can't do it with a pinch more civility.

Thanks for taking the time to share with us. enjoy you're time off, and know some of us will anxiously be awaiting your return.

at 12/14/07, 12:48 PM Blogger Frank Robinson's Ghost said...

I completely understand why you've had to stop posting roughs, raw ideas, etc. That said, I hope you don't stop the blog entirely. I come here frequently although I have rarely posted.

I enjoy the cartoons -- but I too am appalled by the level of many of the comments. I suspect this was never meant to be a place for semi-literate discourse with the "Bush is a lying murderer" faction squared off against the "DimmoKKKrats are traitors & communies" crowd.

It can never be perfect, but: eliminating anonymous posting will help some. The development of even false identities provides some sense of community and accountability and some self-policing.

You could also set it up so that comments require moderator approval to appear, but I'd be you don't want to get involved in that. Even if you just screen for abusive language you'll be accused of being the thought police.

at 12/14/07, 1:00 PM Anonymous Shawn said...

I check out two blogs daily, yours and Tom Richmond from MAD magazine.

It's not only cartoon related. He talks about anything of interest to him. He also has users register and approves comments before they can be listed. Granted, it's more work, but it weeds out the 'anonymous' trolls who are looking to get a rise out of spewing hateful criticism. The few who do that are no doubt reveling in your decision to give it a rest.

I've read your blog since day one but rarely comment. It's been a wonderful insight to your thought process. I hope it will continue in some capacity.

at 12/14/07, 2:01 PM Blogger Marci Yesowitch said...

I agree with either blocking anonymous comments altogether or screening them.

My takeaway from what you said was that you were less concerned about your reaction to the comments and more concerned that it alienates blog readers, and to that end, I think may be a little bit of screening would help.

For my part, although I have not commented excessively (or even particularly often), I do read. My lack of commenting can be chalked up to several factors.
1. I try not to say anything when I haven't anything substantive to add. While I know you appreciate the feedback, to me saying, "wow! that's a brilliant insight" is pointless because you already knew it was a brilliant insight. I've added nothing useful to your general knowledge base. Those kinds of things just add to the noise without increasing the value.
2. It's hard to get used to the dialog component of the blog. A newspaper medium is a forum for receiving information, not responding to information, and the transition from receiving to interacting is a difficult one. I've been reading your cartoons for *cough cough* years now (16ish) and I still feel awed by the depth and experience you bring to the page. Two years of attempting to interact with you as a human instead of a commentator has not quite erased the awestruck feeling.

Enjoy your two week holiday and return to us refreshed.
PS: I loved your sketchbook posts.

at 12/14/07, 2:24 PM Blogger Steve Willhite said...

I would hate to see this blog disappear. I look forward to it and come here every day. Thank you for posting it.

I miss the sketchbook stuff and the napkin comments/doodles but at the same time understand why they had to go.

Get rid of anonymous posters!!!! Trouble making lot that they are.

How about posting the roughs of the published toons after they come out? I would love to see that. The creative process is inspiring.

Please don't give it up. There are many of us that enjoy this for what it is and can simply ignore knuckleheads.

at 12/14/07, 2:52 PM Blogger Schottzie03 said...

Make the comments section for registered posters.

Hope you can still pop a few roughs on, maybe even after the finished product runs.

But as far as the comments section, annonymity breeds even knucklier knuckleheads. I actually think it is just one guy...maybe two. Those comments are more boring than anything, it's the same old thing everyday.

Enjoy your time off, you deserve it. I hope you'll return to the blog in the new year. I'm a huge fan.

at 12/14/07, 2:56 PM Blogger Screaming Mimes said...

Register the users...

I love seeing the in-progress work. Now I feel guilty for commenting so infrequently! Perhaps a way to avoid the pillaging and pre-publishing lethargy is to put up a "once a month" sketchbook post of the best of the previous week. I always love seeing the roughs and how they evolve - your own point, sometimes more successfully than others. It's a unique and inspiring glimpse into a powerful creative process.
Best of luck on a relaunch.

at 12/14/07, 3:10 PM Blogger Haystacks Calhoun said...

I agree with you about the toxicity, unfortunately, in this climate, anytime you bring up politics, the wing nuts come out in force.

I have been reading you since Junior High school, and I just think that for you to give up what you've been posting here because of a handful of idiots defeats the purpose. If you do that, THEY win.

You have it right, the anonimity brings out the worst in people. I would venture to bet that the vast majority of it comes from the same handful of people.

It seems that anytime you put up a political cartoon, factually correct or not, that a fiasco ensues. Reasoned debate goes out the window....

at 12/14/07, 3:16 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

favorite one; art requires an audience :)

at 12/14/07, 4:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Borgman, I often come by your site and enjoy your artwork a lot. Readers feel like we know you (even though we don't) and we also feel like we are your boss (we consume therefore we are and therefore you are) but you are THE ARTIST, you ARE THE BOSS OF US. You make us laugh. Or think. Or turn the page. Personally I am an existentialist so I don't take things as seriously as you, evidently, do, so why even read my advice?

What do you get out of comments?

Turn them off.

Make people dig up your email from the CincyEnquirer contactus page if you want real correspondence of a thoughtful nature. Or, as some suggest, require registration. You are farming this part out to bloggerdotcom, so maybe you should have your inhouse people create a website with a discussion board for what you WANT, to get the discourse you WANT. This way, you pretty much have an easy way for folks to comment, but maybe it is too easy.
(Except for deciphering that cypher I have to type in to post.)

In any event, I enjoyed your site a lot and I appreciate your candid posts on your art and artistry, perhaps you would get more from a real class with real students, maybe that would give you more of a boost than random blog comments.

Many sincere thanks for your blog,
I hope you find what you're looking for, even if it isn't right here, right now, it will be somewhere for you.

at 12/14/07, 4:50 PM Anonymous Paul said...


Before I took a look at your blog today, I thought about the cheap potshots that would probably be hurled your way again by a few rude people. It was good to see you address this issue since you usually do a good job ignoring the silly attacks. On the other hand, it's obvious that you're open to thoughtful criticism and debate.

I haven't commented until now, but I want you to know that there are probably many like me who regularly read your blog and enjoy it immensely! I consider your work the best there is and have been following your work since I was an aspiring young cartoonist back in high school over 25 yrs. ago. I wrote a letter to you back then and included samples of my work for your criticism/advice and you responded with a very carefully written two-page letter which I still proudly display in my home office.

I also understand your position on showing your sketchbook thumbnails and roughs but I enjoyed these the most. Maybe there's still a way to include these even if they appear after the fact and are no longer timely. Seeing your process has been very eye-opening.

Thanks, Jim – I look forward to your new blog.

at 12/14/07, 5:31 PM Blogger ctrosecrans said...

jim, trust me, i understand the feeling.

i'm a huge fan of the blog and read it all the time.

taking away the pure anonymous posting really does help, like andy said, it creates a sense of community. that said, someone under a penname can be just as stupid and and close-minded, but it's better to know it's one person rather than 17 different ones

the blog is more work -- trust me, i know that well. but it is also rewarding

and count me among those who miss the sketches -- i really enjoyed seeing the process from idea to sketch to edit to final product. would love to see it return, even if it were a once a week thing and more of a look back on a favorite cartoon of the week or so

anyway, i feel blessed to still live in a place with a good local political cartoonist -- a true endangered species. the newspaper business is a bad one and getting worse every day thanks to corporate ownership and the rising tide of shareholder expectations. i love living in the atlanta area with lukovich and now here (for the time being) with you.

hope to see more from you in the future on this blog.

thanks again, i really enjoy it and hope there's a way you can find a way to figure it out in this medium -- i know it's not easy, but it can be very rewarding


at 12/14/07, 6:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monday, January 30, 2006
Kick Me

Quite a number of readers have informed me that Volvo is owned by Ford, in reference to a cartoon I did a few days ago about the Ford plant closings. Sorry about that. No one caught it here and I'm apparently behind on my automotive reading.

And I could just as easily have chosen Saab or Volkswagen or Subaru to label the back of that car. Kicking myself. My bad.

On another matter, it always cracks us up here on the editorial page when readers complain that our page is BIASED!!!!!!!! Imagine! Opinion on an editorial page. I don't know how people reach adulthood without grasping the concept that an opinion page is for opinions. And an editorial cartoon is, yes, my take on the world, nothing more nor less.

So accuse me of anything but bias. It's like accusing a nun of praying. It's what we do. It's our calling.

- this country isn't worth it

at 12/14/07, 7:01 PM Anonymous bro said...

I have never posted here before but have read the blog virtually everyday since it began. i would feel a great loss if it were to be abandoned.

The sketches and doodles were what made it so unique and somewhat thrilling each day. you have expressed that you feel the final piece sometimes doesn't capture the life/freshness/dynamic of the sketch. as an artist myself, it was so validating to hear that from such a gifted professional like you. so while i understand your reluctance to share them for all the reasons you cited, i wish i could see them again. seems like sharing them even after the final cartoon is published could be an acceptable compromise.

registration is a ok, but people determined to be jerks can work around that. this is an unfortunate part of the cyberworld. i don't have a good solution other than monitoring the comments and eliminating the hateful ones that have no value. who cares if someone accuses you (or the monitor) of censorship. they can take a leap; it's your blog.

have fun on your break. talk to you soon.

at 12/14/07, 8:15 PM Blogger drew said...

I may not be the only 17 year old Cincinnatian who daily goes to your blog, but I'd like to think I am. I like the idea of me being a young mind amidst a world of seasoned people.
But I have to say it's frustrating for me on days when I come here looking for a new insightful cartoon from Mr. Borgman, and instead am forced to read the growing list of whining anonymous 5:11AM-ers who rip apart not only the cartoon, but the cartoonist.
For what it's worth, here's one 17 year old who cannot wait for your return. I'd say disable anonymous posting. Anyone who has anything constructive to say won't mind the extra 75 seconds of their life to register a name.
Also, I'd like to see more of YOU on these pages, Jim. I want to hear what inspired you to make a certain cartoon. Where were you when the idea popped into your head? How many forms did it take before you were satisfied? Expound upon how you feel about issues. One of my favorite posts of yours was the discourse on ethnically diverse characters. That's what makes blogs unique.
Happy Holidays, and I'll see you in a few weeks!

at 12/14/07, 9:18 PM Anonymous Weekly Cartoonisst (NJ) said...

I echo many of the comments above; there are many of us who appreciate and study this site for the art work. I don't always have too much to say (I wish more people felt the same way) but I frequently comment.
(At times I comment in order to help balance out the nasty nonsense.) I can certainly see why this site would be disheartening to an artist.
Take heart, though: I feel that the majority of this site's readers is reserved -- a quality sorely lacking in an obnoxious few.

at 12/14/07, 11:34 PM Anonymous Blast said...

I've been reading your blog regularly, and would miss it if it got stopped. Given what I see on other sites, your ratio of flak-to-thought is actually pretty low, but I understand that the flak can be nerving. If you decide to continue, and still look for other content, try more of your little essays and commentaries, I read them. Making commentators register is a good idea, and perhaps you could scribble a copyright mark on your napkins before scanning them in. I'm not a lawyer, but it might help.

at 12/14/07, 11:53 PM Blogger Thomas said...

Jim, I've read this blog from day one and eagerly await, ocasioanlly I comment, and I think that disabling anonymous comments and perhaps mmoderating them would be a step in the right direction. Perhaps you could post sketches after the cartoon is done? Then you finalize your idea but we still get to see where it came from, maybe we all win. Happy Holidays to all, even the trolls ;-)

at 12/15/07, 12:59 AM Anonymous Paul Berge said...

Perhaps rather than posting roughs of future cartoons, you could occasionally post roughs of finished cartoons, just to show the thought process that went into it. I doubt you'd want to do that very often -- maybe only when some idea takes an unforeseen twist between first glimmer and final masterpiece.

Hope you don't scrap the blog entirely.

at 12/15/07, 8:29 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

ask bush - he's wildly democratic

at 12/15/07, 8:30 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

how are the usa, cuba, china and russia different in freedom of speech?

at 12/15/07, 8:30 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

who are the elite in america who have a voice?

at 12/15/07, 8:30 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

one nation... under God.....?

at 12/15/07, 8:31 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

who were/are the countries that publicly oppos/ed the war?

at 12/15/07, 10:20 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

what part of america is democratic?

at 12/15/07, 10:44 AM Anonymous Kristin B. said...

I would like to echo the sentiments already posted; I visit the blog almost everyday and have never posted a comment before. I try to just ignore the idiots (like anonymous, above) so I can read and enjoy the intelligent (or at least sincere) ;-) comments posted. I hope the blog does not go away. I do not generally agree with your politics, but appreciate your perspective. And when the topic is less politics, more life, I always admire your humanity.

at 12/15/07, 11:46 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, in short, here are a few suggestions Jim:

1- Take out "Anonymous"

2- It's good to see you sketchs, but I understand your concern on this subject, you could show only the sketch of the finished cartoon, or maybe, one day a week, show the sketches of the published toons of that week,

3- Try to post things you are interested about, don't matter if it's 100% cartoon related, but it's better if it is, that's why Tom Richmond's blog it's so good.

4- Another thing is to post cartoon stuff from you that we don't get to see in other way, I mean, like the pro-bono work you do from time to time, that's wonderful.

5- Don't forget from time to time collect some questions about this art/job from the readers and answer to them.

6- You have to understand that you can't prevent some crazy people from saying something, as a matter of fact you are one of those crazy people to some readers.


at 12/15/07, 11:51 AM Anonymous Miller'sTale said...

Jim, isn't voicing an opinion part of your own editorial art? You make a living voicing your opinion, yet you seem very unwilling to take any criticism or voice against your work. I understand you take pride in what you do, but your solution of retreating to your office where you can put out your unfiltered opinions while hiding from the thoughts of others seems like an act of cowardice.

Either you're willing to accept criticisms as equally as you dish them out, or you're not, and if you're not, I wonder about your integrity as a writer.

at 12/15/07, 12:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should retire. The Enquirer could use some new blood in that building. You've become washed up, bitter, and predictable. zzzzzzzzzzzz

at 12/15/07, 12:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

many of you borgman lovers have proposed that the comments be moderated. that isn't much different than state run TV, is it? if borgman wants to be a communist, that's fine. if you don't like comments, dont read them. its really *not* difficult. quit whining and being lazy, and get off your high horses. borgman takes enough room up there as it is.

at 12/15/07, 12:20 PM Anonymous Big Wayne said...

What I love about the blog:

Seeing your work.
Seeing the process that goes into it.
I love it when you've asked for suggestions, and then end up using them.
I love that there are smart people who read it, and post smart comments.

What I don't like:

The comments that are irrelevant to the post.
Mean comments for no reason.

The things I don't like about the blog can easily be corrected. Get yourself a "blog mentor"...CTrent seems to know what he is doing. There is quite a little community going on his blog.

Don't let the doofuses get you down, Jim. It's not like Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal are ripping your flesh with intellectual barbs...from what I've seen the mean spirited types on here are just parroting lines from the FOX cult.

at 12/15/07, 1:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your decision, Jim. This blog has degenerated into a soap box for political extremists to spew hate. The few hateful extremists trolling this blog vent their views on every concievable topic, which has spoiled the whole thing. I assure you, that the majority of folks who check out your cartoons and read the postings here, are disgusted by these hateful few.

Keep up the excellent work, Jim.


Reading, Ohio

at 12/15/07, 1:38 PM Anonymous Matt P. Bridgetown said...

I'm guilty, I've always used anonymous postings because I was too lazy to sign up for a name. I'm going to figure it out, until then I had to use a nickname.

I don't always agree with Jim, but I would never attack him personally. I don't know Mr. Borgman, but if he draws while he's waiting to pick up his kid from soccer than he can't be all that bad. There is nothing that turns me off more than the people who call Mr. Borgman some of the things he has been called.

I consider it pure jealousy that Mr. Borgman can cleverly express his ideas and has a forum for other people to read. Truthfully, I don't know why the mean-spirited people are jealous. It is not like they have demonstrated a requisite amount of intelligence to be successful at Mr. Borgman's job, drawing ability not even being taken into account.

The shame of it is, the most venomous people thus far have expressed conservative leanings. I'm ashamed to line myself up on the right side of the fence. I hope my fellow conservatives can begin to display some maturity. We need to start looking at our own party and its problems instead of attacking a guy who is just doing what he loves.

at 12/15/07, 2:17 PM Anonymous Lew in Walnut Hills said...


You are the best there is...I am an avid reader and collector...I find your blog fascinating and love anything and everything you share.... I am sure whatever you decide to do with the blog - it will be first rate...

at 12/15/07, 2:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

and how many of the people you draw have smiles on their faces?????

at 12/15/07, 2:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's how the one man ping pong ball game works:

the artist draws but the viewers are not allowed to "see"

artistic explosives are allowed by not verbal

the real issues aren't real because they are in a political cartoon

your voice in america is a sham

at 12/15/07, 3:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh jesus people. the man didn't die. stop typing eulogies.

at 12/15/07, 4:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Jim, great 'toons. Thanks for those and thanks for adding this forum.

I've been reading your cartoons since you started. This is the second thing I do when I wake up, look at your posts for the day, Zits and Enq. cartoon and the Blog. So wonderful to start the day with humor and insight.

I did like seeing sketches but wondered if others would lift them. Posting the sketches after publishing sounds good to me.

Registering might help. I didn't mind doing that but I had trouble remembering my password and found I had to redo registration each two weeks. I will deal with re-registering if you decide you want to continue.

It seems that at least 40 of us, some who haven't blogged here before, will sorely miss you if you decide to discontinue. I hope you decide to give us another try, with modifications.

Great survey. 3000+ responses, yeay!!! Thanks.

welda ho

at 12/15/07, 5:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

how come they talk about the issues in Iowa and not in Ohio???

at 12/15/07, 5:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thank you!! (gag)

at 12/15/07, 5:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monday, January 30, 2006
Kick Me

Quite a number of readers have informed me that Volvo is owned by Ford, in reference to a cartoon I did a few days ago about the Ford plant closings. Sorry about that. No one caught it here and I'm apparently behind on my automotive reading.

And I could just as easily have chosen Saab or Volkswagen or Subaru to label the back of that car. Kicking myself. My bad.

On another matter, it always cracks us up here on the editorial page when readers complain that our page is BIASED!!!!!!!! Imagine! Opinion on an editorial page. I don't know how people reach adulthood without grasping the concept that an opinion page is for opinions. And an editorial cartoon is, yes, my take on the world, nothing more nor less.

So accuse me of anything but bias. It's like accusing a nun of praying. It's what we do. It's our calling.

at 12/15/07, 5:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

what IS america? bill clinton was the only one brave enough to try to define it/is

at 12/15/07, 5:16 PM Anonymous Joseph Harbin said...

Anon 329: People wouldn't be so comforting if others weren't so arbitrarily, vociferously disdainful.

Mr. Borgman: I think you'll always get good, bad, stupid, nasty insightful,and nusto comments. Alternative is a daily Like/Dislike cartoon vote.
Regardless of format, I'll always check out your work.

at 12/15/07, 8:13 PM Blogger RadioCarla said...

I think the posting from most of the anonymous folks here have proved the point -- block them. Too many idiots hide behind an anonymous posting so they cowardly hurl their stupid comments.

On the positive side, I enjoy all of your postings, especially the sketchbooks. It is a shame that too many folks believe that anything on the Internet is theirs for the taking. Please continue and please stop the anonymous commentors.

at 12/15/07, 9:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:11 anonymous: Moderated comments is like state-run TV? You're an idiot, no other way about it. Idiot is kind. Fool is more appropriate.

This is Web space owned by a private, for-profit corporation. Borgman is a professional and has worked for decades to earn his brand. He and the Enquirer aren't obligated to give you space, and it's not like state-run TV to moderate you. You want to continue to be an idiot with no accountability? Start your own blog.

More than the virtol, it's the stupidity and shallowness in these blogs that bothers me. Equating a company upholding standards on its Web site to communist state-run TV, that's a special brand of stupidity.

at 12/16/07, 2:29 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

borgman can dish out criticism, but he can't take it.

what a good little demokkkRAT!

waa waa waaaa.

looks like you've got a good number of demokkkRAT fans too!! im *shocked*.

what a bunch of sheep! baaaaaa

at 12/16/07, 10:13 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monday, January 30, 2006
Kick Me

Quite a number of readers have informed me that Volvo is owned by Ford, in reference to a cartoon I did a few days ago about the Ford plant closings. Sorry about that. No one caught it here and I'm apparently behind on my automotive reading.

And I could just as easily have chosen Saab or Volkswagen or Subaru to label the back of that car. Kicking myself. My bad.

On another matter, it always cracks us up here on the editorial page when readers complain that our page is BIASED!!!!!!!! Imagine! Opinion on an editorial page. I don't know how people reach adulthood without grasping the concept that an opinion page is for opinions. And an editorial cartoon is, yes, my take on the world, nothing more nor less.

So accuse me of anything but bias. It's like accusing a nun of praying. It's what we do. It's our calling.

at 12/16/07, 10:14 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do taxpayers who pay over $40K/year in taxes to all the myriad governements, the war, and all the social services, have a say??

at 12/16/07, 11:11 AM Anonymous Richard Dine said...

Just one more vote in favor of creating a registration for this site so there are no anonymous postings and consistently vitriolic posters can get blocked. I love the blog and Borgman's insights. Richard Dine

at 12/16/07, 12:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Embarrassment by the Bay

After Saturday night's loss, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis knows how David Shula, Bruce Coslet and Dick LeBeau felt..
Photos: 49ers 20, Bengals 13

At least the Patriots know what they're doing

at 12/16/07, 12:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monday, January 30, 2006
Kick Me

Quite a number of readers have informed me that Volvo is owned by Ford, in reference to a cartoon I did a few days ago about the Ford plant closings. Sorry about that. No one caught it here and I'm apparently behind on my automotive reading.

And I could just as easily have chosen Saab or Volkswagen or Subaru to label the back of that car. Kicking myself. My bad.

On another matter, it always cracks us up here on the editorial page when readers complain that our page is BIASED!!!!!!!! Imagine! Opinion on an editorial page. I don't know how people reach adulthood without grasping the concept that an opinion page is for opinions. And an editorial cartoon is, yes, my take on the world, nothing more nor less.

So accuse me of anything but bias. It's like accusing a nun of praying. It's what we do. It's our calling.

please don't compare yourself with the nuns; you do them a great injustice

at 12/16/07, 1:07 PM Anonymous Bill Meadows said...

But can registering help? Can't a person just register as "Nasty Nut" and continue acting like one?

at 12/16/07, 1:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohio, let EVERYONE vote, not just the elite; keep the polls open so that EVERYONE can vote (voting is anonymous; too bad we don't have any real choices)

at 12/16/07, 1:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what kind of american benefits all the folks overseas are getting from the corporate america outsourcing, especially the military work

at 12/16/07, 1:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

how about that dollar value in Europe?

at 12/16/07, 1:58 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

no wonder why everyone in america is on drugs, especially baseball players and kids

at 12/16/07, 2:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you people STILL carrying on?



at 12/16/07, 3:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder who the anonymous people are behind the weapons of mass destruction? the iraqi war that i never support/ed? the cost reduction efforts that put public safety at risk?

Go Pats!

at 12/16/07, 5:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

My $.02:

Shut her down, Jim.

The hot air you and your band of flunkies keep blowing is causing global warming.

Do it for Santa, Borgs.

at 12/16/07, 5:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

National Football League
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Final 1 2 3 4 Tot
NY Jets 0 7 0 3 10
New England 7 10 0 3 20

Preview | Box | Play-By-Play | At the Stadium | H2H | Recap
Scoring Summary
First Quarter NYJ NE
Eugene Wilson 5 yd interception return (Stephen Gostkowski kick) 9:33
Drive: 0 Plays, 0 Yards, 0:00 0 7
Second Quarter NYJ NE
Stephen Gostkowski 26 yd FG 12:45
Drive: 17 Plays, 75 Yards, 8:51 0 10
David Bowens 26 yd blocked punt return (Mike Nugent kick) 7:15
Drive: 0 Plays, 0 Yards, 0:00 7 10
Laurence Maroney 1 yd run (Stephen Gostkowski kick) 1:05
Drive: 2 Plays, 3 Yards, 0:41 7 17
Fourth Quarter NYJ NE
Mike Nugent 33 yd FG 6:13
Drive: 17 Plays, 70 Yards, 7:40 10 17
Stephen Gostkowski 34 yd FG 3:21
Drive: 8 Plays, 55 Yards, 2:52 10 20
Team Stats
NY Jets New England
First Downs 13 16
Rushing 2 7
Passing 10 8
Penalty 1 1
3rd Down Efficiency 3-14, 21% 6-16, 38%
4th down efficiency 1-3, 33% 1-1, 100%
Red-Zone Efficiency 0-4, 0% 1-3, 33%
Goal-To-Go Efficiency 0-1, 0% 1-1, 100%
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Total Plays 62 63
Yards/Play 3.8 4.2
Net Rushing Yards 90 131
Rushes 17 35
Yards/Rush 5.3 3.7
Rushing TD 0 1
Net Passing Yards 146 134
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Return Yards 144 64
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Fumbles Lost 4-1 0-0
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Opp-Recover-Yds 0-0 1-4
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Extra Points 1-1, 100% 2-2, 100%
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D Revis 1 0
New England Interceptions
Player Int Yds
E Wilson 1 5
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Player Ret Yds Avg
L Washington 2 14 7.0
New England Punt Returns
Player Ret Yds Avg
NY Jets Kick Returns
Player Ret Yds Avg
L Washington 5 130 26.0
New England Kick Returns
Player Ret Yds Avg
E Hobbs 3 59 19.7
NY Jets Punting
Player Punts Blocks Yds Avg in 20
B Graham 3 1 127 42.3 1
New England Punting
Player Punts Blocks Yds Avg in 20
C Hanson 5 1 214 42.8 2
Officials: Jerome Boger, Garth DeFelice, Jerry Bergman, Jeff Bergman, Scott Steenson, Joe Larrew, Bob Waggoner
Attendance: 68,756
Time of Game: 2:59

at 12/16/07, 5:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

this country was built on noise, just ask Bruce Springsteen or anyone in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame; imagine keeping one of them out for drugs!

at 12/16/07, 5:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pats 14 - 0 Perfect

at 12/16/07, 6:25 PM Anonymous mr. whig said...

well, I'm really sorry to see this go, but I wish you can get some moderation going on this blog. I mean after all, what's Cooklis doing all day?

I have been enjoying your work since I moved to Cincinnati and after I moved away, I still treasure a photocopy I have: an unpublished cartoon you did entitled "On-Site Visit." Something about Chiquita, I think. :)

at 12/16/07, 6:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah good idea, get a moderator. Only those posts that exude the fine intellectual insights of BlogMaster Jim.

at 12/16/07, 7:55 PM Anonymous BarryGoldwater said...

Get someone to moderate your comments. Throw out the ones that make absolutely no sense (ie NFL stats and others that are just vandalism.)

I know you wouldn't throw out comments that disagree with you, but as I Republican who reads what the right-wing nut jobs post on here...I wish you would!!! They give us all a bad name with their poorly worded vitriol.

I also agree it is probably one guy..the guy who puts k's in democrats.

You'll probably end up with posts followed by some pertinent questions, maybe a back and forth on the issue, and one guy whining about the Clintons and misspelling democrats.

He's easy enough to ignore.

Ron Paul in 08!! And anyone who disagrees with me is a poopyhead.

So there...

at 12/16/07, 10:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm the guy that puts the KKK in demokkkRATS (and rightfully so).

i also support ron paul. did you donate today?

it's a small world, isnt it?

at 12/16/07, 11:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE: previous post

Ever heard of Nixon's Southern strategy?

Ron Paul is too wacky for most conservatives.

at 12/17/07, 6:43 AM Blogger Monclova Steve said...

Dear Jim,
I must echo the thoughts of many who say "PLEASE DON'T GO"! I too am repulsed by the lunatic rantings on all of the Enquirer blogs.
Judging by the comments here, though, it does appear that most of the vile, immature, juvenile comments are coming from very few people who don't seem to have a life. They are also made anonymously.
Requiring registration would help immensely.

at 12/17/07, 6:45 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said...

Merry Christmas Jim. I hope that you find the answer to your question. I believe that everybody will be better for it if and when you do.

Enjoy this time with your family and friends. Merry Christmas.

Jim Parker
Future Democratic Candidate for US Congress

at 12/17/07, 8:56 AM Anonymous Cindy (Finneytown) said...

You can shut down the comments section, or monitor them and have the crazy ones deleted by a host. It's your opinion, who cares about the masses.

I've really enjoyed reading your blog each week. Please reconsider and keep it going. I was talking about it yesterday with your former nanny (KC) and how much I've enjoyed reading it this year.

Please don't go. Not everyone in Cincinnati is a nut job. Some of us are hardworking suburbanites who laugh out loud at your insight.

at 12/17/07, 9:09 AM Anonymous Anonymous said... if Jim gets criticized for his over the top meanspirited portrayals of Dick Cheney as being a demonic figure with bats flying around his head that that's grounds for yanking his speech for everyone who thinks like the left...censored speech for those on the right.
just another day in America-

at 12/17/07, 9:48 AM Anonymous matt a said...


Hate to say this, but I think I said this all the way back on your first post that the venom out here in the Internet requires a very thick skin. My suggestions:

1. Elminate the anonymous option of posting. There's been much said on this so I won't add to it.
2. Recognize personal attacks for what they are. There are a few conservative blogs that I'm a regular at where I will have engaging commentary with conservatives about various topics. Sooner or later, someone jumps in and says something personal or stereotypical. Recognize it for what it is, the equivalent of throwing up the white flag. When those that criticize you can't come up with an argument other than to attack you personally then you know their argument is weak and they don't have a point to make.
3. Take ownership of your blog. This is your blog and that includes the comments. If something comes off as "crossing the line" and doesn't add to the discussion, then delete the comment. I would be up front about this and lay down the rules clearly about what will be tolerated by this. I know it goes against the grain of concept of "free speech" but I look at it this way, free speech is only valuable if you willing to take responsibility for what you say other wise it isn't free speech, but worthless speech. Those "induhviduals" are free to create their own blog and say what they like.

Jim, keep it up. There are plenty out there that enjoy your musings and get a kick out of seeing how "alike" most of us think...

at 12/17/07, 9:57 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...


at 12/17/07, 10:33 AM Anonymous john said...

Jim, I'm a journalist and love, love your blog. I miss the sketches.

Newspapers have not been able to get a handle on blog comments and what passes for "feedback" on the internet. A story might get 500 "comments" online and some bean counter two stories above you will think it's the road to riches, when in reality those 500 comments might be racist, demeaning or just a running conversation between yahoos.

Registration doesn't really cut it either, when I can register as Wile E Coyote or whatever.

But that's not your fault. Just know what you're doing is valued.

at 12/17/07, 10:47 AM Anonymous Matt said...


I have to say, it would be a shame to see this blog go. I'm avtive online in a variety of forums, and am quite used to people who take advantage of the power of anonymity to post spiteful, venomous, and usually just plain ignorant attacks on anyone and anything that they don't agree with. Sadly, the only recourse seem to be to just ingore them.

That being said, it would be a shame to let the actions of a few ruin something that has brought enjoyment to so many, as evidenced by the posts above. Personally, I've checked in daily since I discovered this blog about a year ago - as an engineer working in a rigorously structured medium, I absolutely love watching the artistic process. Whether I agree with the subject or not, it has been fun watching the cartoon evolve from rough sketches to finished prints, and see how some rough ideas that look so good on paper (as we like to say in engineering) fall flat in practice, while other doodles that don't seem to hold much promise blossom into fantastic comics.

Jim, enjoy your holiday, and the very best to you and yours. Hopefully, you can find some way to make this blog what you want it to be.

at 12/17/07, 4:24 PM Blogger Monclova Steve said...

Dear Jim,
I posted some thoughts earlier, but had to come back.
First of all -- you are an absolute treasure!!! I'm not sure you realize that.
No, I'm not saying that because I always agree with your point of view. I don't. I am also someone who enjoys thoughtful discussions of issues -- the disagreements, give and take, etc.
But that's not what bothers you, as you said so well in your post. It's your feeling that you are enabling these people to hurl vile, vicious, personal attacks that they would never say to someone face to face.
A quick analysis of these comments shows that they are ALL made by "ANONYMOUS". Is this 1 person? 2? 3? We don't know, but probably a very few.
You are NOT RESPONSIBLE for these people. Their comments are not worth the time of day or any further thought on your part.
Please don't penalize the legions of people who love your work and love discussing it with you, even when they disagree with your point of view.
If you require registration, at least there will be a name associated with a person's comments. You might be pleasantly surprised at how the vast majority of Borgman fans deal with them -- without vitriol, just with logic.
Sorry for the length. Please give it a try.

at 12/17/07, 6:20 PM Anonymous BorgFan said...

Either ban anonymous posting or turn off comments altogether. Having a blog monitor is just putting too much work onto someone else's shoulders.

I like your sketches. You'll never be able to stop others from pillaging your unused sketches.

I also like Q&A and your comments on things like your appreciation of Jeff MacNelly, Jeff Stahler, etc.
It's nice to hear about things like your trip to Israel and the tools you use and your process.

People are only jerks when they can be jerks anonymously.

at 12/17/07, 7:28 PM Blogger Chris said...


I moved from Cincinnati years ago, and keep in touch with local news through I really enjoy being able to access the blog to see the archives of cartoons you've published. I know you feel the blog's run its course, but I for one hope you continue to post your published cartoons. For me, you're up there with Skyline as things I miss about Cincinnati.

at 12/17/07, 8:32 PM Anonymous T.Nowicki said...

Take ownership of your blog. This is your blog and that includes the comments. If something comes off as "crossing the line" and doesn't add to the discussion, then delete the comment. I would be up front about this and lay down the rules clearly about what will be tolerated by this. I know it goes against the grain of concept of "free speech" but I look at it this way, free speech is only valuable if you willing to take responsibility for what you say other wise it isn't free speech, but worthless speech. Those "induhviduals" are free to create their own blog and say what they like.

This is pretty good advice. Though some people with blogs will patrol them like fascist police, deleting all but the most flattering of praise or support, I think Jim has the professionalism and the experience to recognize when criticism or complaints, though pointed, are valid and valuable, and when they're just junk.

Jim, I also think you should do like other cartoon blogs have done, and give shout-outs for other cartoonists' work when it catches your eye (both for good or ill).

In a perfect world you would also be able to allow other cartoonists to post thumbnail-links to image-responses, but I realize monitoring that would probably be a lot of extra work you just don't have time for.

at 12/17/07, 9:19 PM Blogger Scott Evans said...


Do what CTR has done on his Reds blogs, require people to log-in. If that doesn't work, moderate it, though that really hurts the interactivity of a blog as there is a long delay unless you spend all your time just hitting refresh as a moderator.

I also want to say I don't always agree with your views and I think if some of the idiots who just want to make everything personal attacks would change their ways and you could have an intelligent debate on the issues it would be the finest example of free speech.

Unfortunately political speech has been dumbed down to the equivalence of rooting for your favorite sports team. Go Republicans, Go Democrats, or Boo Republicans Boo Democrats and the ideas are lost in the clutter. And its not about doing what's right or even what one thinks is right, but instead is just about winning elections.

at 12/18/07, 11:00 AM Blogger jenny kay said...

Jim -

I've been reading "Zits" since I was a wee tike back home in Indiana. Imagine my thrill and surprise to find out that one of my favorite cartoonists resides and cartoons in my new hometown!!(here for school, go bearcats!) thank you for opening so much of your personal thoughts and life to the rest of us. i have thoroughly enjoyed it. in a way, your cartoons and website have helped cincinnati really become my home. keep your chin up! people are jaded and are always looking to take our their personal struggles on those who are successful. shake off the haters :)

Jenny K

at 12/18/07, 11:47 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

i see demokkkRAT jim parker has leeched his way over towards this blog. i think you should delete all of his comments. he's a worthless attention whore.

at 12/18/07, 4:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim, I would volunteer to monitor your site and keep the really stupid stuff at bay! People should be able to express their opinion as it relates to your drawings and opinions, but to just put hateful trash on here is ridiculous!

email me at if you are interested. I would come over to meet with you and discuss the format for moderation!

at 12/18/07, 4:50 PM Anonymous cookkenusa said...

Running a blog certainly takes time and thought away from drawing and cartooning...bad...readers like to have access to the "sausage making" and write advice...keep the blog going and chill on the artists need to look at the negative for "total perspective." Focus.
Someone somewhere once said, "don't throw out the baby with the bath-water."
I really do enjoy your time and your blog and your talent.

at 12/18/07, 9:10 PM Anonymous John Carey said...

Cool. Jim Borgman and ZITS on "Frontline" as I write this!

at 12/18/07, 10:48 PM Blogger Wettengel said...


Please keep the blog going in some format. This is one of three web sites I make sure to go to EVERYDAY and will miss it greatly if it is gone.

I agree with the majority and think if you remove the option of posting anonymously you will at least cut down on the annoying comments.

I also love your sketches and hope you can figure out a way to incorporate those from time to time.

at 12/18/07, 10:56 PM Anonymous tim of sioux falls said...

Sorry, you've decided to discontinue your blog. You are the premiere political cartoonist, in my opinion. I enjoyed your behind the scenes approach to political cartooning on your blog. In addition to your national audience, Cincinnati and northern Kentucky readers are lucky to have an opportunity to see your work five times a week. My newspaper, the Argus Leader, should be running your cartoons and the cartoons of conservative Michael Ramirez.

at 12/18/07, 11:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog please find a way to make it work. Don't let a few spoil it for you and us.


at 12/19/07, 1:53 AM Anonymous Roger M. said...

I just found your blog this evening as a result of The Daily Cartoonist article. It's a great blog, but the quality of the participants has obviously gone downhill from your earliest posts. Other blogs have the same problem.

Your cartoons and writings are the best part of the blog, along with the productive discussions of the responsible folks.

Get rid of the trash by making bloggers identify themselves. Don't be afraid to edit (delete) the trashy postings. It will be a better read for all of us.

at 12/19/07, 9:25 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

your cartoons are mean-spirited

at 12/19/07, 11:42 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

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56 minutes ago

TEHRAN, Iran - Iran received its first nuclear fuel from Russia on Monday, paving the way for the startup of its reactor in 2008.

Both the U.S. and Russia said that with the shipment, the Iranians would no longer have any reason to produce enriched uranium that could be used to build a nuclear weapon.

But Iran said it would continue its enrichment activities at a separate facility, in the central city of Natanz, to provide fuel for another nuclear reactor. Not only that, it indicated that construction had begun on just such a reactor, in Darkhovin in southwestern Iran.

"We are currently constructing a 360-megawatt nuclear power plant in Darkhovin," Vice President Gholam Reza Aghazadeh said on state television. Previously Iran had always described the Darkhovin plant as being in the planning stages.

Aghazadeh said it will take several more years for Iran to install 50,000 centrifuges in Natanz, an industrial-scale enrichment plant, to produce the fuel needed for Darkhovin. Tehran says the enrichment program is part of an effort to generate electricity, but the United States fears it will lead to weapons development.

After initial opposition, the U.S. now publicly supports Russia providing uranium fuel to Iran so long as Moscow retrieves the used reactor fuel for reprocessing, as stipulated in an agreement between Russia and Iran.

"If that's the case — if the Russians are willing to do that, which I support — then the Iranians do not need to learn how to enrich," Bush said in Fredricksburg, Va. "If the Iranians accept that uranium for civilian nuclear power, then there's no need for them to learn how to enrich."

Bush also reiterated his view that "Iran's a danger to peace," despite a recent U.S. intelligence estimate that found Iran halted a nuclear weapons program in 2003.

"My attitude hasn't changed toward Iran," he said. "If somebody had a weapons program, what's to say they couldn't start it up tomorrow?"

The construction of the Bushehr plant has been frequently delayed. Officials said the delays were a result of payment disputes, but many observers suggested Russia also was unhappy with Iran's resistance to international pressure to make its nuclear program more open and to assure the international community that it was not developing nuclear arms.

Russia announced last week that its construction disputes with Iran had been resolved and said fuel deliveries would begin about a half year before Bushehr was expected to go into service.

"All fuel that will be delivered will be under the control and guarantees of the International Atomic Energy Agency for the whole time it stays on Iranian territory," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. "Moreover, the Iranian side gave additional written guarantees that the fuel will be used only for the Bushehr nuclear power plant."

The Iranians trumpeted Russia's decision to deliver fuel Monday as a victory for Iran, with Aghazadeh calling it "a message for the world."

Aghazadeh said the Bushehr plant was 95 percent complete and would begin operations "next year." He indicated the reactor needed 80 tons of nuclear fuel during the initial phase of operation, but did not provide further details.

Although at first opposed to Russian participation in building and supplying Bushehr, the United States and its allies agreed to remove any reference to the project in the first set of U.N. Security Council sanctions passed a year ago, in exchange for Moscow's support for those penalties. A draft that mentioned Bushehr was amended after Russia demanded that the language not prevent Moscow from conducting legitimate nuclear activities in Iran.

Washington has since publicly swung behind the project, in what diplomats say is an attempt to maintain Security Council unity, focusing on the fact that terms of the deal between Tehran and Moscow commit the Iranians to allow the Russians to retrieve all used reactor fuel for reprocessing. The U.S. fears that Iran might otherwise extract plutonium from the spent fuel to make atomic weapons.

But plutonium is not the only material that can be used to build a nuclear bomb. The U.S. is pushing the U.N. Security Council to pass a third round of sanctions against Iran for its refusal to suspend uranium enrichment.

The Russian Foreign Ministry reiterated its calls for Iran to halt uranium enrichment, saying the Russian deliveries mean Tehran has "no objective need" for its own enrichment facility.

Iranian officials have argued they need to develop alternative energy sources to prepare for when oil reserves run out. The government has announced plans to built six more reactors like Bushehr to produce 7,000 megawatts of electricity through nuclear energy by 2021.

Some analysts say Russia's willingness to resolve its dispute over Bushehr was related to the new U.S. intelligence report.

"This is more meaningful after the recent report by U.S. intelligence agencies," said Iranian political analyst Jalal Fayazi. "Shipment of nuclear fuel to Iran by Russia means Moscow has full confidence in the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program."

Others downplayed the impact of the National Intelligence Estimate.

"The U.S. report was not a decisive factor," said Anton Khlopkov, a nonproliferation expert with the Moscow-based PIR-Center think tank. "The decision was taken before it was released."

Although Russia has resisted drives to impose sanctions on Iran, it also repeatedly has urged Tehran to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency to resolve concerns over the nuclear program.


Associated Press writers Jim Heintz in Moscow and George Jahn in Vienna contributed to this report.

at 12/19/07, 12:16 PM Anonymous Jerry Mortimer said...

Looking forward to the blog in '08!
Keep up the great work, Jim.

at 12/19/07, 12:23 PM Blogger Pedro Villarrubia said...

My first comment here: I am writing from Spain, where I read your blog (rather, I see your blog, my
English is poor) your wonderful and super drawings whenever I can. Please, I ask you to continue. Stay with only positive comments, which are many. Thank you, Mr. Borgman.

at 12/19/07, 9:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

how do we take back the country?

at 12/23/07, 6:21 AM Anonymous Maryln said...

I just discovered this blog and was disappointed to read that it may go away.
In reading, the blog, I would suggest taking out annonymous since the comments are intended only to annoy and disrupt the blog. They are obviously written by someone who doesn't have the intellectual capacity to participate equally in the debate playing field so the person resorts to juvenile attempts of disrupt an exchange among those who actually have the ability to exercise the option of free speech.

at 12/26/07, 5:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

dan shaughnessy
This is Rice's year
Red Sox great Jim Rice will get the call to the Hall of Fame this year, Dan Shaughnessy predicts.

at 12/26/07, 5:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

freedom of speech in america is an illusion (unless you want the crap beaten out of you)

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