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Jim Borgman has been the Enquirer's editorial cartoonist since 1976. Borgman has won every major award in his field, including the 1991 Pulitzer Prize, the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 1993, and most recently, the Adamson Award in 2005 as International Cartoonist of the Year. His award-winning daily comic strip Zits, co-created with Jerry Scott, chronicles the life of 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan, his family and friends through the glories and challenges of the teenage years. Since debuting in July 1997, Zits has regularly finished #1 in reader comics polls across America and is syndicated in more than 1300 newspapers around the world.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's Just An Honor To Be Manipulated By You, Sir


at 12/4/07, 11:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

So is Bush a moron or an evil genius? Can't you guys make up your mind?

at 12/5/07, 2:22 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush is neither-just an incompetent politician.
Borgman is a fading lefty whose one-note is sounding shrill.

at 12/5/07, 5:01 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...


at 12/5/07, 6:55 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

how about we split the difference and say that bush is an evil moron?

the only sound getting old here is that of those who blindly support bush and his criminal delusions.

at 12/5/07, 8:41 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see W and Dick now -- crying over their 500 pound bombs, not knowing if they will get to use them. I'm sure they would love nothing more than "Shock & Awe, Act II".

at 12/5/07, 12:16 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

When is bush going to come clean on weapons of mass destruction? the fact our govt didn't protect us from 911? the oil "crisis"? rigging polls?

Bush calls on Iran to 'come clean'

By BEN FELLER, Associated Press Writer
48 minutes ago

OMAHA, Neb. - President Bush, trying to keep pressure on Iran, called on Tehran Wednesday to "come clean" about the scope of its nuclear activities or else face diplomatic isolation.

at 12/5/07, 12:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


the lies make it hard to tell; leaning toward evil moron

at 12/5/07, 12:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe a greedy b----

at 12/5/07, 12:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

whatever happened to peace on earth and good will toward (all) men; we need some hope...

at 12/5/07, 12:41 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

we need some hope...

ya got that right. its called impeachment and war crimes trials.

at 12/5/07, 1:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, I really brought the nuts out.

at 12/5/07, 2:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

you mean manipulated by Papa Bush

at 12/5/07, 2:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

mainline the lead to babies with baby bottles made in China; we'll need teachers who can teach the brain dead; good thing beer bottles aren't made in China

at 12/5/07, 2:10 PM Blogger Call me Maniac. said...

Yeah, funny thing, how dare the president actually try to have foresight, show concern for rogue countries having nukes. Nukes, blah... who's afraid of them?

Those who mention the "WMD"s apparently have no clue about what was commonly known about Iraq and that country's history of accumulating and keeping them. The fact that weapons inspectors found few traces of them means they never had them?

at 12/5/07, 2:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

means they never had them?

they had them and used them. trouble is, it was cheney and rumsfeld who sold them to saddam.

at 12/5/07, 3:43 PM Anonymous Drew said...

is it just me, or are borgman's drawings of bush starting to look more and more like borgman's drawings of reagan? not a criticism, just an observation.

at 12/5/07, 4:41 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

2:19: Then where were they? Everything the Iraqi army used during the war had "Made in Russia", "Made in France", or "Made in Germany" stamped on the side.

at 12/5/07, 5:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

As many recognize, the latest NIE on Iran’s nuclear weapons program directly contradicts what the U.S. Intelligence Community was saying just two years previously. And it appears that this about-face was very recent. How recent?

Consider that on July 11, 2007, roughly four or so months prior to the most recent NIE’s publication, Deputy Director of Analysis Thomas Fingar gave the following testimony before the House Armed Services Committee (emphasis added):

Iran and North Korea are the states of most concern to us. The United States’ concerns about Iran are shared by many nations, including many of Iran’s neighbors. Iran is continuing to pursue uranium enrichment and has shown more interest in protracting negotiations and working to delay and diminish the impact of UNSC sanctions than in reaching an acceptable diplomatic solution. We assess that Tehran is determined to develop nuclear weapons--despite its international obligations and international pressure. This is a grave concern to the other countries in the region whose security would be threatened should Iran acquire nuclear weapons.

This paragraph appeared under the subheading: "Iran Assessed As Determined to Develop Nuclear Weapons." And the entirety of Fingar’s 22-page testimony was labeled "Information as of July 11, 2007." No part of it is consistent with the latest NIE, in which our spooks tell us Iran suspended its covert nuclear weapons program in 2003 "primarily in response to international pressure" and they "do not know whether (Iran) currently intends to develop nuclear weapons."

The inconsistencies are more troubling when we realize that, according to the Wall Street Journal, Thomas Fingar is one of the three officials who were responsible for crafting the latest NIE. The Journal cites "an intelligence source" as describing Fingar and his two colleagues as "hyper-partisan anti-Bush officials." (The New York Sun drew attention to one of Fingar’s colleagues yesterday.)

So, if it is true that Dr. Fingar played a leading role in crafting this latest NIE, then we are left with serious questions:

1) Why did your opinion change so drastically in just four months time?
2) Is the new intelligence or analysis really that good? Is it good enough to overturn your previous assessments? Or, has it never really been good enough to make a definitive assessment at all?
3) Did your political or ideological leanings, or your policy preferences, or those of your colleagues, influence your opinion in any way?

Many in the mainstream press have been willing to cite this latest NIE unquestioningly. Perhaps they should start asking some pointed questions. (Don’t hold your breath.)

at 12/5/07, 6:25 PM Anonymous t.nowicki said...

Suggest alternate dialogue for Bush: "It says GIDDY-UP!!"

Anyone who thinks he's going to let a little piece of paper slow down his blood-lust and war profiteering is fooling himself!

at 12/5/07, 8:46 PM Anonymous Eric O. Costello said...

If a cartoonist has to label a figure "Compliant America," then the cartoon loses a lot of its punch, and merely becomes an exercise in speechifying.

To be honest, Mr. Borgman, this looks like a cartoon that Kuryinsky would have drawn for Krokodil, circa 1981. Unsubtle, unfunny, and not even particularly enlightening.

at 12/5/07, 9:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric...Borgman is rarely "funny".
I no longer find amusement in his "gee I'm just like you" takes on the impending doom from snowfall to pigeons taking a dump at Paul Brown.His nasty cartoons of the Bush administration and the Right overall have worn thin as ice and I'm no longer enchanted with Borgman who's been made into a city icon.He shoots only from the LEFT hip."Hip" it is not.Tiresome,predictable,and meanspirited are the fore from the Enquirer's Ed cartoonist on a daily basis.I loathe him much like the Clintons loathe the military.

at 12/5/07, 10:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Bushies, no thinking person even cares what stuff you post.

But feel free.

at 12/6/07, 1:24 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey 10:40 I voted for Kerry, and agree with 9:51. Sorry for the truth !

at 12/6/07, 9:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

hell, who can measure a nuclear war, since bush is hell bent on being the "winner"

at 12/6/07, 9:13 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Bushies, no thinking person even cares what stuff you post.

But feel free.

oh my God! I'm mortified and feel so small! I wish I was an all knowing super-cool smartass liberal! So flippant.So righteous.Smug.Arrogant. can you lower yourself to address me (us)?

at 12/6/07, 9:16 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is equally scarey are the american republican christians who steal from the poor, their deals with the devil/corporate america, their panic about their Florida pension funds/"tithing," their men's club exclusivity, how fat they are, what their fancy (expensive) psychiatrists tell them, the fact they have never been wrong their whole life!

at 12/6/07, 9:16 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is equally scarey are the american republican christians who steal from the poor, their deals with the devil/corporate america, their panic about their Florida pension funds/"tithing," their men's club exclusivity, how fat they are, what their fancy (expensive) psychiatrists tell them, the fact they have never been wrong their whole life!

at 12/6/07, 9:17 AM Anonymous but but but said...

clintons corollary to godwins law

whenever you can't defend an indefensible point or think of something intelligent to say, blame something on the clintons.

at 12/6/07, 9:17 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe if we make bush's toys out of lead he won't play with them

at 12/6/07, 9:21 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

a real meeting of the minds: bush and ellen!

at 12/6/07, 9:45 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder who bush's WORDSMITH is; I wonder what democracy, dictatorship, autocrat and nuclear war, clean means (I guess anything he wants it to mean!)For sure they mean something totally different in this 20th century

at 12/6/07, 10:26 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

You people need to get back on your meds.

at 12/6/07, 11:14 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great cartoon!

This cartoon would have worked well when Bush and the Neocons were building us up for war with Iraq.
Just substitute the Intelligence estimate for the report finding no WMD's in Iraq.

I'm just glad that we live in a country where we are free to openly criticize or corrupt politicians without fear.


Reading, Ohio

at 12/6/07, 1:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

AIDS may be spreading faster (can't redefine it)

at 12/6/07, 1:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

...some 33 million people are living with HIV, 26 years after the virus was first identified. This week read our [Newsweek] package on AIDS, featuring a comparison of the presidential candidates' proposals for fighting it a MY TURN on drugs and HIV, and a timeline of the epidemic.

at 12/6/07, 5:30 PM Anonymous t.nowicki said...

His nasty cartoons of the Bush administration and the Right overall have worn thin as ice and I'm no longer enchanted with Borgman who's been made into a city icon.

That's a shame. But, frankly, I find it hard to believe that anyone who would continue to defend the Bush Administration at this point was ever part of Jim's audience in the first place.

Disagreement is generally good for democracy, but it does need to have more of an argument to it than "This guy's always such a big meanie to the Right!" or "Damn that liberal media!!"

There are quite a few moderate cartoonists out there who are amazing, but why do I get the feeling you'd assign that label to somebody like Mike Lester or Chuck Asay before you'd bestow it upon Jim?

He shoots only from the LEFT hip."Hip" it is not.

Historically, ultra-conservatives tend to be the more inept judges of whether something is "hip" or not.

Tiresome,predictable,and meanspirited are the fore from the Enquirer's Ed cartoonist on a daily basis.

Cartoonists SHOULD be meanspirited. Who wants to see a bunch of limp-wristed praise in an editorial cartoon, anyway? What does the effort of producing such dross even accomplish?

Good deeds speak for themselves. Good cartoonists draw readers' attention to wrongs and use their pens to stab do-badders in the eye.

I loathe him much like the Clintons loathe the military.

Nothin' mean-spirited about that, no-siree.

All that said, I agree with Eric that this is one of Jim's weaker recent pieces, though I think the drawing is nice.

at 12/7/07, 8:46 AM Anonymous Disgruntled said...

Clowns to the Left of me (Liberals), Joker's to the Right (Conservatives), Here I am stuck in the middle...

This "Us" and "Them" attitude is destroying this country.. it doesn't matter which party is in power, they are all out for their own self interests....

at 12/7/07, 10:13 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

National Anthem: Oink Oink

at 12/7/07, 10:14 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

for Christmas we can donate arms and legs to the soldiers

at 12/7/07, 10:30 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

thing1 and thing2, the grinch already stole christmas

at 12/7/07, 10:31 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jerry Springer for President, former mayor of Cincinnati, and Dr. Phil for VP

at 12/7/07, 10:44 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Home / News / Nation
New stem cell technique employed to cure mice with sickle cell anemia
Email|Print| Text size – + By Karen Kaplan
Los Angeles Times / December 7, 2007
LOS ANGELES - Taking the next step in a series of breakthrough stem cell experiments, scientists have cured sickle-cell anemia in mice by rewinding their skin cells to an embryonic state and manipulating them to create healthy, genetically matched replacement tissue.

at 12/7/07, 12:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

manipulation mostly through the media (wish the news media were on strike too!)

at 12/7/07, 4:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iraq war, Dafaur, wonder what war we'll start this year...hope it isn't with someone smarter than us!

at 12/7/07, 8:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:13 am - GOTTCHA!
Typical Bushie response!
Only problem is, I'm not an "all knowing super-cool smartass liberal!"

I was a life-time believer in the Republican party. But Bushie has cured me. I'm clean & I can see clearly now.


at 12/8/07, 3:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

AIDS is non-partison (27,000 people in Atlanta have AIDS)

at 12/8/07, 8:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Santa and the defective toy factory... did the FDA check the toys made in america too? that one guy who works there...

at 12/8/07, 8:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

now I know why walmart is so cheap; no one works there

at 12/8/07, 11:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


at 12/8/07, 11:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

or better yet!


at 12/10/07, 1:22 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

do the democrats or republicans care more about public safety? probably the independents...

at 12/10/07, 1:22 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder which brings more drug sales into the country, outsourcing or illegal immigration

at 12/10/07, 1:23 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've been trying for 8 years to get my nose as high in the air as bush, but I can't...

at 12/12/07, 2:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

and stem cell research is immoral???

at 12/12/07, 2:33 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

sign up to donate blood, legs and arms

at 12/12/07, 2:33 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darwins perspective: the apes are ashamed

at 12/12/07, 5:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Need perspective: ask a Kurd !

at 12/13/07, 7:36 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pro Life March, Washington, DC, Jan 22, 2008 (Is there anything we don't kill???)

at 12/13/07, 8:54 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

proportional to the bs in this country; we are and will be held accountable, whether or not we beleive it

at 12/15/07, 2:46 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

wild wild bush

at 12/15/07, 2:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Real issues the candidates need to address:

1. how to prevent a nuclear war (if you don't think it's possible, you live in la la land, and don't expect the us holier-than-thou attitude can/will prevent one (or the churches to help by any stretch of the imagination)

2. all the drugs sold in the usa that are made in china and that are fake

3. the drug saturated high schools 9life long habit forming); already giving contraceptives to middle school kids in Ohio

4. how to reduce the us $zillion debt before the Euro completely takes over

at 12/15/07, 5:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's a new reality tv show: what to do if you survive a nuclear war; might need to keep the site open for communication (people might forget their names)

at 12/16/07, 7:47 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Japan scientists develop fearless mouse By KAORI HITOMI, Associated Press Writer
Thu Dec 13, 4:57 AM ET

TOKYO - Cat and mouse may never be the same.


Japanese scientists say they've used genetic engineering to create mice that show no fear of felines, a development that may shed new light on mammal behavior and the nature of fear itself.

maybe scientists can figure out a way to not be afraid of bush or excessive levels of radiation

at 12/16/07, 12:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't worry, Cincy/bush has already alientated the rest of the world; i saw the cincinnati race riots on European CNN when I was in Europe in April of 2001; who are you fooling? darfur is already here.

at 12/16/07, 1:58 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

radiation - the great equalizer

at 12/16/07, 3:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cincy is blind

at 12/17/07, 6:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Primary Navigation
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Iran receives Russian nuclear fuel By ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer
56 minutes ago

TEHRAN, Iran - Iran received its first nuclear fuel from Russia on Monday, paving the way for the startup of its reactor in 2008.

Both the U.S. and Russia said that with the shipment, the Iranians would no longer have any reason to produce enriched uranium that could be used to build a nuclear weapon.

But Iran said it would continue its enrichment activities at a separate facility, in the central city of Natanz, to provide fuel for another nuclear reactor. Not only that, it indicated that construction had begun on just such a reactor, in Darkhovin in southwestern Iran.

"We are currently constructing a 360-megawatt nuclear power plant in Darkhovin," Vice President Gholam Reza Aghazadeh said on state television. Previously Iran had always described the Darkhovin plant as being in the planning stages.

Aghazadeh said it will take several more years for Iran to install 50,000 centrifuges in Natanz, an industrial-scale enrichment plant, to produce the fuel needed for Darkhovin. Tehran says the enrichment program is part of an effort to generate electricity, but the United States fears it will lead to weapons development.

After initial opposition, the U.S. now publicly supports Russia providing uranium fuel to Iran so long as Moscow retrieves the used reactor fuel for reprocessing, as stipulated in an agreement between Russia and Iran.

"If that's the case — if the Russians are willing to do that, which I support — then the Iranians do not need to learn how to enrich," Bush said in Fredricksburg, Va. "If the Iranians accept that uranium for civilian nuclear power, then there's no need for them to learn how to enrich."

Bush also reiterated his view that "Iran's a danger to peace," despite a recent U.S. intelligence estimate that found Iran halted a nuclear weapons program in 2003.

"My attitude hasn't changed toward Iran," he said. "If somebody had a weapons program, what's to say they couldn't start it up tomorrow?"

The construction of the Bushehr plant has been frequently delayed. Officials said the delays were a result of payment disputes, but many observers suggested Russia also was unhappy with Iran's resistance to international pressure to make its nuclear program more open and to assure the international community that it was not developing nuclear arms.

Russia announced last week that its construction disputes with Iran had been resolved and said fuel deliveries would begin about a half year before Bushehr was expected to go into service.

"All fuel that will be delivered will be under the control and guarantees of the International Atomic Energy Agency for the whole time it stays on Iranian territory," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. "Moreover, the Iranian side gave additional written guarantees that the fuel will be used only for the Bushehr nuclear power plant."

The Iranians trumpeted Russia's decision to deliver fuel Monday as a victory for Iran, with Aghazadeh calling it "a message for the world."

Aghazadeh said the Bushehr plant was 95 percent complete and would begin operations "next year." He indicated the reactor needed 80 tons of nuclear fuel during the initial phase of operation, but did not provide further details.

Although at first opposed to Russian participation in building and supplying Bushehr, the United States and its allies agreed to remove any reference to the project in the first set of U.N. Security Council sanctions passed a year ago, in exchange for Moscow's support for those penalties. A draft that mentioned Bushehr was amended after Russia demanded that the language not prevent Moscow from conducting legitimate nuclear activities in Iran.

Washington has since publicly swung behind the project, in what diplomats say is an attempt to maintain Security Council unity, focusing on the fact that terms of the deal between Tehran and Moscow commit the Iranians to allow the Russians to retrieve all used reactor fuel for reprocessing. The U.S. fears that Iran might otherwise extract plutonium from the spent fuel to make atomic weapons.

But plutonium is not the only material that can be used to build a nuclear bomb. The U.S. is pushing the U.N. Security Council to pass a third round of sanctions against Iran for its refusal to suspend uranium enrichment.

The Russian Foreign Ministry reiterated its calls for Iran to halt uranium enrichment, saying the Russian deliveries mean Tehran has "no objective need" for its own enrichment facility.

Iranian officials have argued they need to develop alternative energy sources to prepare for when oil reserves run out. The government has announced plans to built six more reactors like Bushehr to produce 7,000 megawatts of electricity through nuclear energy by 2021.

Some analysts say Russia's willingness to resolve its dispute over Bushehr was related to the new U.S. intelligence report.

"This is more meaningful after the recent report by U.S. intelligence agencies," said Iranian political analyst Jalal Fayazi. "Shipment of nuclear fuel to Iran by Russia means Moscow has full confidence in the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program."

Others downplayed the impact of the National Intelligence Estimate.

"The U.S. report was not a decisive factor," said Anton Khlopkov, a nonproliferation expert with the Moscow-based PIR-Center think tank. "The decision was taken before it was released."

Although Russia has resisted drives to impose sanctions on Iran, it also repeatedly has urged Tehran to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency to resolve concerns over the nuclear program.


Associated Press writers Jim Heintz in Moscow and George Jahn in Vienna contributed to this report.

at 12/17/07, 6:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Henry Ford once said that the past can be of great importance if was are but willing to learn from it. The next president has to address it.

at 1/10/08, 3:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

(nuclear) war isn't black or white, male or female, democratic or republican

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