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Jim Borgman has been the Enquirer's editorial cartoonist since 1976. Borgman has won every major award in his field, including the 1991 Pulitzer Prize, the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 1993, and most recently, the Adamson Award in 2005 as International Cartoonist of the Year. His award-winning daily comic strip Zits, co-created with Jerry Scott, chronicles the life of 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan, his family and friends through the glories and challenges of the teenage years. Since debuting in July 1997, Zits has regularly finished #1 in reader comics polls across America and is syndicated in more than 1300 newspapers around the world.

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

All Sketched Up And No Place To Go

There's gotta be a way to use this...


at 1/3/08, 3:26 PM Anonymous Don't Be Lazy said...

Come on!

How many cartoonists have already used this or haven't used it because it's so lazy? It's as bad as using Popeye back during the spinach contamination scare.

You were lamenting back in 2007 that you hate lazy cartoonists. Mirror, dude.

at 1/3/08, 3:31 PM Blogger Jim Borgman said...

Wow. I hadn't seen it.

at 1/3/08, 3:45 PM Blogger Jim Borgman said...

But you know, I also have to add, part of the point of this blog is to share the sketchbook stuff that doesn't make the cut for prime time. You're going to see plenty that isn't good enough to publish. It's the nature of the thought process. A sketch like this is a notion in search of a context, a larger meaning, and they only get into print if/when they develop legs.

at 1/3/08, 3:54 PM Blogger Marci Yesowitch said...

I agree. There ought to be a brilliantly insightful way to use this. Maybe a political laugh olympics. Probably have to wait until things get more competitive though.

at 1/3/08, 4:51 PM Blogger Matthew Hansel said...

Honestly, I read a LOT of political cartoons, I haven't seen ONE reference to Huckabee Hound.


at 1/3/08, 4:54 PM Anonymous hoppie said...

Let's see...

Rudy Giuliani - Top Cat. A guy who knows
the alleys of the big city.

John McCain - Quick Draw McGraw. The guy
with the straight talk express.

Ron Paul - Yakky Doodle. Not the clearest
character choice, but I found him hard to quantify.

Mitt Romney - Blue falcon. I can't
explain this one, it just feels right.

And the Democrats:

Hillary Clinton - Cindy Bear. There
are unfortunately a limited subset of
notable female Hanna Barbera characters,
and as Bill Clinton is clearly Yogi,
Cindy gets the nod. Yes, I know this
makes Chelsea Boo-Boo, but politics is
a strange business.

John Edwards - Snagglepuss. He has the
teeth for it, and he exited stage left
in the 2004 campaign.

Barack Obama - George Jetson. His use of
modern media pegs him as a character
of the future.

If people really want to know who
Dennis Kucinich or Fred Thompson should
be I'm sure a character can be found
for them.

at 1/3/08, 5:00 PM Anonymous mr. whig said...

and Ron Paul can be Snagglepuss, Exit, Stage Left!msc

at 1/3/08, 5:23 PM Anonymous HoundDogger said...

Just a few examples on how unoriginal the Huckleberry Hound thing is.....

Huckabee Hound on YouTube

Huckabee Hound blog

Huckabee Hound buttons

Huckabee Hound political cartoon

at 1/3/08, 5:26 PM Anonymous don't be lazy said...

>>>But you know, I also have to add, part of the point of this blog is to share the sketchbook stuff that doesn't make the cut for prime time.

But you were searching for a way to USE IT.
I simply said I thought it was lazy to use it.
Then it becomes "merely a your sketchbook.

at 1/3/08, 6:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like it, no insight into use.


at 1/3/08, 6:13 PM Blogger Jim Borgman said...

Clicked the links, HoundDogger. The reference apparently hasn't been used well yet. I'll let mine marinate in the sketchbook until something just right happens.

at 1/3/08, 7:42 PM Blogger Stushie said...

I guess when Punch used the Punch character they were being lazy, too? It's all about using icons for satirical purposes. Thanks for linking to my political cartoon site...I use it as therapy to get rid of my frustrations with the current politicians and their eilte politics.

at 1/4/08, 9:06 AM Blogger Oops3 said...

Welcome back, Mr. B!
I didn't realize that Huckabee Hound was already in use! But then, I don't get out much.
Still, I think it's a great idea. Huckabee is just begging for Hound to be attached to it......

at 1/6/08, 2:22 PM Anonymous J. harbin said...

The point is that an idea is original
if is fresh to the person who has it.
That doesn't mean that it is going to be usable if it's discovered to have been already found by others; it may prove to be an unfresh idea, after all.
BTW, Being rude and casting accusations is such an old, lazy, dunder-headed approach to conveying opinions.

at 1/6/08, 2:55 PM Blogger Oops3 said...

In that case, this was a great fresh idea. It made me laugh out loud (thereby convincing the dogs that someone else was here).
Personally, I think rude people are rude because *they* have no original ideas, so they whale on others to cover themselves......

at 1/9/08, 9:41 PM Anonymous Eleanor-Kathleen said...

Any interest in selling the original Huckabee Hound....

Eleanor & Kathleen

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