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Take a peek over Jim Borgman's shoulder

Jim Borgman has been the Enquirer's editorial cartoonist since 1976. Borgman has won every major award in his field, including the 1991 Pulitzer Prize, the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 1993, and most recently, the Adamson Award in 2005 as International Cartoonist of the Year. His award-winning daily comic strip Zits, co-created with Jerry Scott, chronicles the life of 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan, his family and friends through the glories and challenges of the teenage years. Since debuting in July 1997, Zits has regularly finished #1 in reader comics polls across America and is syndicated in more than 1300 newspapers around the world.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008



at 3/18/08, 5:54 PM Blogger EOCostello said...

Heh! A wingtip, yet. That touch made me laugh.

Bear Stearns (and, for that matter, JPMorganChase) moved out of downtown long ago, and are up near Grand Central, on 42nd Street. Pity, really. Surprisingly, that area is becoming residential, which it hasn't been since the early years of the Republic.

It's actually a little tricky to see the outside of the NYSE from Wall Street; the Exchange is actually on Broad Street, which curves slightly. You have to stand on the north side of Wall Street, a little west of Broad, to get the best angle.

at 3/18/08, 7:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

meanwhile you continue to ignore Jeremiah Wright and his "like family" relationship with your chosen candidate,Barack Hussein Obama,'s troubling...but hardly surprising.Ya know,Wright's screeds make Schmidt's incident look charming yet you take every opportunity you can to demean and ridicule's troubling...but again,hardly surprising...I'm confident you'll trash Jean once more by November.

at 3/18/08, 9:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

when the us can do business ethically vs enron-style, it might get better; until then China appears to be the only answer, and when that runs out... and they tell people it isn't working anyway...the stock hasn't changed in 10 yrs!

at 3/18/08, 9:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


it's a trend: he hates hillary, jean, geraldine, you get the picture

at 3/19/08, 8:24 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi...7:57 here...I'm predicting we will see a cartoon of the Wright/Obama will be of a Right Wing talk show host (supposedly)fanning the flames of racism/hatred by playing Wright's sermons on the radio and TV thereby igniting the controversy...blame the RIGHT for the words howled by Obama's "mentor".Perfect!How Clintonesque.

at 3/19/08, 10:43 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

why doesn't specter investigate the nuclear reactor abuses by PA?

at 3/19/08, 10:44 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

surprise! surprise! China's not working!

at 3/19/08, 10:44 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

next time you go to surgery, make sure the drugs aren't made in China, and the next time you fly, make sure...

at 3/19/08, 10:51 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iraq war protesters arrested
More than a dozen people were arrested at the IRS building in Washington, D.C., today, the start of a day of protests marking the fifth year of the war.
Bush speech today Don't jeopardize Iraq gains
Special section The Long War: Five years in Iraq

boston globe

at 3/19/08, 10:53 AM Anonymous i'm glad they didn't privatize social security said...

perhaps you could have softened the blow of that shoe landing with a pile of 20 billion dollars. some squished individuals representing pension funds that foolishly listened to wall street would also be a nice touch.

at 3/19/08, 12:20 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's Hillary supporter,James David Manning of Harlem,speaking about Barck Obama:

at 3/19/08, 12:36 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

China/communism/dictatorships aren't working - mystery solved!

at 3/19/08, 12:36 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice speech by obabma before cincy votes mccain into office (per king george)

at 3/19/08, 1:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

too bad the democrats can't get it together and work together to win this election and defeat bush, i mean mcain
Obama: Trust me to end the war By MATT APUZZO, Associated Press Writer
4 minutes ago
FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. - Barack Obama suggested Wednesday that Hillary Clinton could not be trusted to end the Iraq war because she only started opposing it when she began her bid for president.

at 3/19/08, 1:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

consumers have a right to know the quality and safety of the prooducts they use and purchase without having to be engineers

at 3/19/08, 1:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

1-800-947-LIFE rescue a child

at 3/19/08, 1:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

is mcain pro abortion or pro life?

at 3/19/08, 1:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

where is specter when you need him most?

Globe Staff And Wire Reports / March 19, 2008
FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The Red Sox ended a threatened boycott today of their final spring training game in Florida and their flight to Japan, resolving a dispute over paying coaches for the season-opening trip overseas. A major league source said that all staff associated with the trip will be compensated.

at 3/19/08, 1:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dem Yanks
Message #43504.1821 in response to #43504.1818Posted by ThatWasMe on 2:23 PM

I heard through a reputable source the money obtained for the Sox coaches to allow the Team to board the plane for the Japan trip was contributed from Yankee fans, a special emergency fund.

Reply| Options

Message #43504.1822 in response to #43504.1821Posted by ThatWasMe on 2:29 PM

You guys need any lunch money or mall money while you're over there?

Anything we can do to help out np.

at 3/19/08, 1:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posted by CTChris on 12:55 PM
The Sox are taking the field now so it looks like this got resolved...

game to start now at 1:10pm....shortened game I'd bet.

Reply| Options

Message #43504.1815 in response to #43504.1813Posted by CTChris on 12:58 PM
I wonder if the Yankees and Tampa coaches were paid when they went to Japan, no one seems to recall, sure we'll know before day's end.

Nick Cafardo and another Boston Globe reporter have said that yes they were.

at 3/19/08, 1:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

are the bengals fans still suing the Pats? why don't they sue each other for building the new bengals stadium?

at 3/19/08, 2:54 PM Anonymous Drew said...

I do think it's appropriate, Jim, to say something about Wright. I know you're in the tank for Obama- you're allowed to, you're an opinion cartoonist.
But this is absolutely newsworthy. I seem to recall you submitting cartoons on much more trivial news items- remember the pooping pigeons of Paul Brown Stadium? You may like Obama, but you have to concede that his pastor has gotten news attention- for a good reason. To look the other way and not comment would look more than biased. It'd be foolish.

at 3/19/08, 3:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

even the chinese are complaining!!

Sit-down protests trigger Beijing bathroom renovation Wed Mar 19, 2:18 AM ET

BEIJING (AFP) - Chinese Olympic organisers are rushing to renovate bathrooms at flagship Olympic venues after complaints about a lack of western-style sit-down toilets, an official said Wednesday.

at 3/19/08, 3:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...



at 3/19/08, 7:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim, I assume responses are getting posted against the wrongs blogs, no?

at 3/19/08, 10:46 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


at 3/21/08, 9:57 PM Anonymous Reality Check said...

It's the 5th Anniversary of the start of the Iraq Mistake, and the righties want to to talk about what some preacher said years ago . . .

Anyway, here's a reality check on his sermons . . .:

at 3/22/08, 5:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wonder why engineers these days systematically destroy products rather than make them better; they must be using bush's definition of destroy; too bad bush can't enter a definition bee

at 3/22/08, 9:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, when you cheat your customers with crappy products AND take away their jobs AND their proprietary ideas and give them away, what can you expect? 2+2 still = 4, even for the cheaters

what can you expect when you throw a garbage environment to your kids?

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